Autographed copies from Uncle Hugos! I’ll be there in August.

I’ll be there signing books for the release of Warbound in August. So if you want some autographed copies of my books you can order them through the link above, and I’ll sign them when I arrive. Don’s really good for personalized stuff too, so you can just not that in your order and I’ll add whatever you want to your book.



Baen's Grumpy Cat covers
The Drowning Empire, Episode 22: Summons

5 thoughts on “Autographed copies from Uncle Hugos! I’ll be there in August.”

  1. Larry, can I send my original publication copy of MHI up to Uncle Hugo’s and get you to autograph it? Yes I’ll be ordering a copy of your newest books.

  2. and for those of you new to the Monster Hunter Nation, Uncle Hugo’s was largely responsible for Larry getting picked up by Baen in the first place! (I’ll leave it to him to tell the tale)

  3. Just a couple of weeks before Gencon roleplaying. Looking forward to another trip to Hugo’s anyway since I need some more books. Guess I’ll see you there!

  4. Don emailed me that he is expecting to have the MHI Employee Handbook and gaming manual in time for Larry’s autograph session. So, I’ll be ordering one of those. Don is a great guy and excellent at customer service.
    Larry, I’m sending my self-published copy of MHI up to Don for you to autograph for me. I’ll be including a couple of gifts for you.

    Oh, and I’ve been making progress on my version of ABOMINATION. When it is finished, I’ll be posting photos.

    Hey, you sell MHI patches but how about decals? I’d like one for my truck. How about a couple of different sizes and colors. I could put some on ammo and equipment boxes.

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