Another friend of mine has published a book

If you’ve ever wondered who Bayou Renaissance Man is from that quote on the back cover of MHI, this is the guy. I’ve known Peter Grant for a long time, and he’s a good man.

He’s released his first science fiction novel on Amazon:

Now I’ve not read this yet. I just found out about it yesterday. But I did read an early rough draft of another novel of his from several years ago, so I know that Peter can write. He’s got skills.

Also, Sarah Hoyt, who I know and trust, and who is an excellent writer, enjoyed it enough to cover quote him.

Many of you from around the gun blogo’sphere may know Peter from:

So I’d encourge you to take a look. Peter and I were moderators together over on The High Road. The last guy I know from there who published a book on Amazon, Marko Kloos, got his book Terms of Enlistment clear to number 1 in all of sci-fi. It must be from all of those times we had to write responses to morons or trolls, but apparently THR mods have a gift for writing books.  🙂

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15 thoughts on “Another friend of mine has published a book”

  1. Thanks! Bought it.
    Was suffering the cable disease (Thousands of books. Nothing to read.) and this fixed it.

  2. I bought it and noticed that it didn’t have a TOC and that the chapter headings switched from Chapter One to Chapter 7. I fixed both in my personal copy and have emailed both Kindle and ePub to Mr. Grant as a gift of thanks.

    I plan to get to this one after I finish “Spellbound.” Thank you for the recommendation.

  3. ” It must be from all of those times we had to write responses to morons or trolls, but apparently THR mods have a gift for writing books.”

    Hmm…you think Gunkid bought a copy? 😛

  4. > If you’ve ever wondered who Bayou Renaissance Man is

    Actually, it’s the other way around. I picked up your first book because I saw a quote on the back and said “Oh, cool – Bayou Renaissance Man! …but who is this Larry Correia guy?”.

    True story!

    By the way, Peter’s wife Dot is responsible for me meeting my girlfriend fiance.

    Needless to say, I purchased this book the second it popped up on Amazon!

    Looking forward to reading it this weekend.

  5. This is Peter’s wife, who was wrestling with the formatting and upload for him.

    My sincerest and deepest apologies on missing the chapter heading format changes, and the Table Of Contents on the final upload. *facepalm* That is entirely my fault, not the author’s.

    Geoffery, I fought with that Table of Contents (and the rest of the formatting) for two days, muttering things like “This is a steep learning curve, not a wall” and “I need more mead.” That you could fix it so quickly means I still have a lot to learn about formatting for kindle. My profound thanks and apologies, and I will upload the changes as soon as I have run an errand for Oleg (or, more accurately, Gremlin) and gotten the changed file from Peter.

    Then I shall spazz at my husband, who will hug me and say something very like “Calm down, love. It’s all right. No one’s shooting at you.”

    1. When I write something that requires a TOC, etc. I use Word Perfect, but I’ve been using it since 1989 (34 years =8-0). I can then output to .Doc/RTF/HTML/PDF/etc.
      In the meantime, Michael Z Williamson (known since 1993) likes Larry C., who likes your husband’s work. So, guilt by association. 🙂 I’ll put him on the list to buy, when I have some spare money (yeah right).

    1. Steve, at present this is part of Amazon’s KDP Select program, which means it’s only available in Kindle format. However, I uploaded it without digital rights management, which means that once you’ve downloaded it (a Kindle reader for your PC or Mac is free from Amazon), you can convert it to any other e-reader format using a program such as Calibre (see to get it). I hope that’ll help.

      Larry, thanks very much for the kind words! Here’s hoping I can emulate the success you and Marko have already achieved. Perhaps we should found an ex-THR-moderators’ publishing house?


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