5 thoughts on “Here is the recording of my Armed American show”

  1. Sweet. You were great on there.

    I still say you ought to host your own podcast every month or so. You wouldn’t even have to watch your language when the latest gun control laws come up.

  2. I’ve been reading up on my just delivered MHI pdf book! Awesome! But now I have questions. Are you going to open up a post for Q&A?

    For now:
    How could you NOT do something more for Nikolai? He was one of Earl’s greatest enemies! Didn’t that merit at least a couple of paragraphs? A drawing?

    More important:
    Franks. We got hints that he wasn’t human, but he was described as something “older and simpler”. Older, yes, but simpler? How could his kind ever be described as simpler than humans?

    PUFF table. What does “special” mean, exactly?

  3. I’m also reading through the PDF’s. Yeah, would have been nice to see Nikolai in there. Maybe we will get some future expansions and he will be added later. I think the MHI rpg could very well be HERO Games biggest seller if Larry promotes it a bit. Maybe we can get a blurb page for it in the back of the next MHI or Grimnoire book? Special means that the monster is extraordinarily unusual or powerful. Its PUFF bounty is set on a case by case basis, and it doesn’t follow the standard amount. Usually it means the bounty is much higher.

  4. Listened to all three hours. Well worth the time.

    Interestingly, Larry habitually answers questions as complete, self contained statements, then elaborates. This would make it rather difficult to quote him out of context.

    I very much doubt this is an accident.

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