18 thoughts on “Well look at what’s up for preorder. :)”

    1. Just got a notice of a price drop $6.89. I think the quicker you preorder, the more of the sweet, sweet price drop pennies you get to keep. ( I think they give you the lowest listed price between pre-order and ship time.)

      So pre-order now, and laugh when the price goes back up for all the procrastinating hippies!

  1. Got mine pre-ordered. Now I’m going to have to check Baen’s site every day for the e-Arc, ’cause I hate waiting.

    1. Not up to me, but I know that Baen is working on it. We have only been on the Kindle store for a few months.

  2. Larry, there is an associate program with BN as well. Do you think that you’d ever join that ? I’d rather support BN as opposed to Amazon. BN has the preorder available for Sword of Exodus.

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