7 thoughts on “More details on the Massive Fiction Kickstarter”

  1. This sounds like a cool idea some of the fan fiction that I’ve read is pretty good. Sometimes better than the storylines of the TV shows the fan fiction was based on.

  2. It occurs to me that the Genesis of Dead Six was Larry’s fan fiction in Mike Kupari’s universe…

    Incidentally, I’ve never heard of ‘duelling authors’ in one book before. Were you guys the first? Because what you guys have isn’t really a collaboration, it’s… well, I don’t know what the heck to call it. It certainly isn’t like any Pournelle/Niven collaboration.

    It’s more like multiple personality disorder. It royally kicks ass, though. “Extreme Programming” is the practice of two programmers writing together, though it’s supposed to be one program.

    It’s not even two books of a series, it’s one story from two viewpoints, with different authors for each side, so the feel is totally different.

    I’m really going to be embarrassed if it turns out that Mike is a figment of your imagination so you could dodge taxes on half of the royalties…

    Multiple Authorship Disorder… Kind of appropriate.

    1. I’ve seen some things a little like this before- if you look at how the “Berzerker Base” book is put together in Saberhagen’s universe, you’ll see a coherent narrative come out of a whole bunch of different stories. Also, the Man-Kzin wars books all fill in chunks of a longer narrative, but that’s still less structured than this seems to be.

      This sounds pretty cool.

      1. The other collaborations I’ve seen are either:
        1. single story, no telling who wrote what
        2. parallel stories, multiple discreet stories about the same events
        Dead Six is two authors telling the same story first person from different points of view and different characters.

        Perhaps it should be called “multiple first person”. I have seen that before, but only by a single author. It is totally obvious that Dead Six is two separate authors running two distinct first person tales revolving around each other.

        No that I’ve seen it, it might be fun to do it with a romance novel. Especially a very graphic bodice ripper.

        She: He gripped me in flames of passion, eagerly th…

        He: It was a pretty tough day at the shop. When I walked in the front door, she was only wearing high heels and a smile. Afterwards, she brought me a beer just before kickoff…

  3. This whole thing sounds awesome. I decided to back it as well, hoping they get the funding cause I’d love to participate in this.

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