CHARITY BOOK BOMB! Help out the Wolvertons.

Last week Ben Wolverton, 16, was in a really bad longboarding accident. He’s been in a coma ever since. The details are here: You can also donate directly at that link.

Ben’s dad is Dave Wolverton, who many of you know as Dave Farland, author of a whole lot of different books, including Star Wars and his own Runelords. Dave even wrote the story of Starcraft. Dave’s an all around good guy, and he’s like one of the godfathers of fiction in Utah, always ready to lend a hand and help out aspiring authors. He was the creative writing teacher at BYU for along time, and has taught like 200 people who’ve gone on to be authors.

So now a bunch of those authors are holding a book bomb today for Dave’s books. The medical bill’s for Ben’s accident are going to be astronomical.

This link will go to one of Dave’s books. Nightingale:   It was picked because it is the book that he makes the most off of. I’ve not read it, as this whole thing was kind of sudden, but I have read other books by Dave, and he’s an excellent author.

So here’s the thing, I’ll be keeping track of the stats and updating them here all day today. That link is an Amazon affiliate’s link, and it isn’t mine. That link goes to Dave’s account. So any purchases you make through Amazon after entering through that link, Dave will also get a credit for the advertisting. I know from my own links on here, that an author can make a bunch of money off of that. So anything you need to get through Amazon, if you do it through that link, Dave will get a percent and it is no skin off of your nose at all.

For those of you new to the concept of Book Bombs, or just visiting here for the first time because you followed a link, the idea is to move the book up the sales rankings on Amazon through the day. (they update hourly, usually). Success breeds success, and the higher we get it in the rankings, the more people notice, the more people buy it, the higher it goes, and it gives the author a boost.

This time we’re hoping this boost spikes Dave’s royalties becuase the Wolverton’s are going to be facing terrible medical bills. So please, please tell your friends. Twitter, Facebook, your Blog, whatever. The main thing is that we kick Dave up a notch, get him some attention, and get him paid! I’ve not met Ben, but I’ve met some other members of the Wolverton family, and they are just good people, and right now they could use some support.

As of right now we’re already pretty high. Like I said, lots of authors are going to be pushing this today:  Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,689 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Don’t forget, you aren’t limited ot this. You can pick up any of his stuff to help out, or just anything you get through that Amazon link that you would’ve purchased anyway goes straight to the Wolvertons.

EDIT: For my regular readers,not sure about grabbing a YA, once you go through that link above, type in Farland THE RUNELORDS and check out Dave’s epic fantasy series. Or here is another link with some suggestions. Dave’s got lots of stuff to choose from, and Nightingale was just the one him the most money, but here are some other ideas.

UPDATE 1:  We are climbing!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,551 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

UPDATE 2: Now we’re breaking in to some Top 10 lists. This is good. Let’s keep telling our friends.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #938 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

And here is a Dave Wolverton FUN FACT. I once drove Dave’s car around L.A. It was some great big old Buick or Oldsmobile of some kind. Parking that boat between a Lamborghini and a Ferrarri in a tiny underground parking garage was about the most terror I’ve ever felt parking a car. 🙂

UPDATE 3: Now we’re talking! Top 500 overall!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #430 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

To reward this achievement, here’s another Dave Wolverton Totally True Fun Fact: Dave has taught Creative Writing classes at BYU for years, and over 200 of his students have gone on to be pro novelists, and I think he’s had forty of those become bestsellers. He even taught Stephanie Myers, but even as good as Dave is, he was unable to prevent Twilight from happening.   😉

UPDATE 4:  We are rocketing up the charts!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #126 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

You guys are doing awesome. I’m sure this is going to be a help for the Wolvertons a ton.


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #87 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Top 100 out of the five bazillion books on Amazon.

UPDATE 6: So I went to bed last night, but my friend Dan who is in Germany said:

“Just woke up and checked the stats. Nightingale’s at 74 in Paid Kindle, #1 in Contemporary Fantasy, and #3 in overall Fantasy. We beat every iteration and format of every Game of Thrones book–that’s not bad at all. Good job!”


“Checking the movers and shakers page, Nightingale’s sales rank improved 3479%. Plus it looks like the #2 book in fantasy was also a book bomb, which is kind of funny. #1, of course, was Memory of Light.”

Way to go guys. I hope this gave the Wolverton family a boost.

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Help Ben Wolverton, and tomorrow's Book Bomb for his dad

22 thoughts on “CHARITY BOOK BOMB! Help out the Wolvertons.”

    1. I don’t own a kindle, but kindle has app for PC and other devices. I have been using Kindle Cloud Reader on my linux netbook for books I cannot get for my Nook.

  1. I do not own a kindle, but I would like to purchase a copy and donate it , perhaps to a deployed soldier or other public servant. Any idea how I can go about that?

    1. I know you can gift Kindle books, because I’ve done it before. I can’t remember exactly how it was done, but I think you need to know the person’s email address that they used to register their Kindle.

  2. I picked up Nightingale and Million Dollar Outlines via the Amazon Affiliate link.

    Almost anything you buy through that link will put a bit of coin in Dave’s pocket. So, if you’re getting ready to make a big purchase on Amazon, use that link. It won’t cost you a $0.01 more and you will send a little money to folks that could really use it.

    That new scope you’ve been thinking of for your rifle? Now’s the time…


  3. Got it! I also picked up a couple of the Runelords series. I recommend them, I read the first four as they came out and enjoyed them greatly. Now it seems I’ve got some catching up to do! Just something else to take up the time between now and Warbound 🙂

  4. Like hdls above, I also got Nightingale and Million Dollar Outlines. The Runelords books look interesting, but, unfortualetly, money is a bit too tight right now.

  5. Larry your a good man for putting your not inconsiderable influence into this. Bought both books. Was glad to help and will be glad to read them 🙂

  6. Author Rank – top 10:

    Amazon Author Rank
    #9 in Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Fantasy
    #13 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy
    #20 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy
    #95 in Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction

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