Another BOOK BOMB? Yes, but for a very good cause.

I know we just barely had a book bomb last week, but something has come up with another author and they could really use a boost.

Many of you know Dave Wolverton, who also writes as Dave Farland. Dave’s a really awesome guy. He taught BYU’s created writing class for a long time, and he’s been a mentor to a lot of writers.

Last week Dave’s son got into a really bad longboarding accident and was severely injured. He is in a coma and not doing very well at all.

One of Dave’s students contacted me, Brandon Sanderson, and James Dashner this weekend, asking if we could arrange a Book Bomb to help Dave out. The medical bills for Dave’s son are going to be astronomical, so it can’t hurt. So we will be doing a Book Bomb on Wednesday, April 10th.

More details to follow. Please tell your friends.

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7 thoughts on “Another BOOK BOMB? Yes, but for a very good cause.”

  1. Larry, not to take away from your ‘tip jar’, but does Dave have an amazon affiliates link that we can use when you do the book bomb? I assume every little bit will help, and while I like to use your affiliates link normally so you get the ‘tip jar’ bonus, I think it might be nice to tip it Dave’s way in this case.

    1. That’s a good idea. Let me find out. I’m trying not to bug Dave, but I’ll go see if he’s got one on his blog.

  2. You know, some other SciFi authors (some of whom deserve to remain nameless) did a very cool thing for author Jay Lake when it was discovered he had cancer.

    You can read about it here:

    They raised almost $50K for him.

    Maybe something you and some of the other good guys of fiction can do along these lines? Just a thought, not sure if it would work if you don’t invoke uber-liberal heartstring-pulling powers.

  3. Oh, my! He’s been an author on my ever growing to-read/buy list for a while now. I will definitely re-prioritize that list to participate in the book bomb. And, if needs be, let the target of the book bomb determine which series I try first.

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