Do me a favor and post some reviews if you don’t mind

If you’ve not seen this yet, I’ve got a new novella out. I know a bunch of you got it on Friday (love that Amazon affiliates link!). If you’ve got a chance, please do me a favor and post a review so it shows up more. A lot of my fans aren’t even aware this exists yet.

Unless you didn’t like it, then don’t post a review, because nobody wants to listen to you Mr. Negative Nancy! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Do me a favor and post some reviews if you don’t mind”

  1. Larry,

    Any reason you don’t grab the cover picture from Amazon, then hyperlink it directly to the sale page?

    I’m surprised you always make it a two step process without a picture to sell links on your page. You can grab the picture from Amazon directly, and grab your affiliate link text straight off the target of the link in the paragraph above…

    If you don’t know how, I’m certain there are a horde of HTML wranglers in your fan base. It’s even likely there are professional WordPress folks who would show you how to do it in exchange for a good dying scene in the forthcoming Franks magnum opus.

    If you do that, please ask them to turn on comment editing/appending while they’re in the neighborhood. Not being able to fix a posted type makes commenters look stupid, which leads to less satisfaction from posting, which leads to fewer posts, leading to less popularity in search rankings.

    Also, I seem to recall the e-book was $9.99 when you announced it, I just now (10:44 pm EST 6 Apr 13) saw it on Amazon for $4.99.

    1. If comment editing were turned on, I’d have added the words:
      “and bought it while it was stupidly cheap”

    2. Because WordPress is weird,and I’ve not had any luck getting that to actually work. I got my computer knowledgable brother in law to put the links off to the side.

      And I’m not going to turn on comment editing ever, because I end up in arguments in the political thread comments all the time, and I don’t want my opponents to say stupid crap, get called on it, and then change it. 🙂

      1. “…and then change it”

        Ok. I can certainly agree with that.

        WordPress is desinged to be easy to use, but I hesitate to recommend you take a couple of hours to learn it. That would delay Agent Franks’ biography by a couple of hours, and I don’t want to see pitchforks and torches on my front lawn…

        Thanks for going to the effort of running a website. I know it’s in your financial best interest, but so is good service from people feeding me in restaurants, and I appreciate that too.

        So thanks again for your efforts, and most especially your writing. And I’m 16% through your latest work, and it is, as completely expected, fantastic. After completion, I’ll leave a review on Amazon.

  2. Your novella jumped to the top of my list above what I’m already reading. I’ll post a review to amazon, and my blog as soon as I finish reading it.

    I have to go lay down though, I just saw a Play premier that I will be writing a review for. It was about Soviet/Nazi occupied Poland, and the audience and cast were in tears at the end. I’m so freaking drained, I’ve been reviewing for a while but for a Play to make me cry…

    I’m hoping your novella will just keep me smiling the whole way through, as I need it right now. Okay passing out from the feels now.

  3. This novella made me become instantly well hung.

    I started getting unsolicited requests for sex from both men and women on the internet. I then found a stack of hundred dollar bills on the sidewalk in front of my house.

    Reading this cured my head cold, and people who were obviously wrong on the internet began to agree with me when I corrected them.

    Read this book. It will change your life.

  4. I’m still waiting for that Aurthur Jordin guy to post his “review” of Instruments of War so I can just read that and not have to buy the novella.

  5. As promised Larry I wrote a review. It’s on Amazon, and my blog. Though I don’t know how many who read my blog will appreciate an action packed book. If you see my blog you would understand. I’ll like to my review and post it here.

    Bad to the Skorne*Guitar riff*

    Larry Correia doesn’t waste a single page. The action starts from the first page and doesn’t stop until you put the book down and take a much needed breath.

    Instruments of War is a novella set in the Hordes/WarMachine universe. Like the universe’s, and title suggest this novella is about war. A civil war to be exact. The Skorne live by a simple creed life can only be truly lived in battle. To engage in one on one, or many on one combat is to know the true meaning of life. Pain purifies the weak flesh, just as fire tempers steel. What happens when an heir becomes weak and resorts to assassination instead of direct combat? Those with honor scream for justice, two great armies once marching under the same banner clash!

    As I said the action doesn’t stop from the moment you pick up the book. Yet we are still given a glimpse of this world through the eyes of Makeda the heroine. In the few respites we are afforded we enter her mind. See the conflict of Skorne life; the honorable thing is to topple the weak. In doing so will she weaken the family army she has served her entire life? If only she could commune with the exalted dead. Her grandfather would know what to do.

    If you are a fan of Hordes/WarMachine you will love this fast paced action Novella. If like me you have never heard of Hordes/WarMachine you will be sucked into the universe. Perhaps the Skorne can purify you through pain as they do their own warriors…

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