Various updates and Hugo Nominations due tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder, if you signed up for your supporting membership tomorrow, Sunday the 10th is your deadline to get your nominations in.

In other news, right now I’m working on editing Swords of Exodus. It is pretty much done. There are a couple of small scenes at the very end which need to be written, but now it is just editing. We should have it wrapped up fairly soon. This one has been an editing challenge because since Dead Six came out, Mike has been sent off by the Air Force three times (Afghanistan, Spokane for 6 months, and now Germany for 6 months)  and my half was originally written four years ago. 🙂

I’m doing another novella for Privateer Press, and since they tweeted about it I guess I can come out and say that this time I’m writing Cygnar. Specifically a Dirty Dozen/Band of Brothers type story about Storm Blades set during the war of Caspia/Sul. For any of my fans, even if you’re not familiar with the Warmachine universe, I think you are really going to like this. Basically I get to tell a war story involving giant steam powered robots and dudes with lightning swords fighting religious fanatics. So yeah… Pretty sweet.

That other novella I wrote for them, Instruments of War, will be out in the next couple of months. I’ll put up details when I’ve got them.

The Monster Hunter International Employee Handbook and Role Playing Game (or MHIEHRGP for short) is moving right along. The writing is done. Most of the editing is done. Most of the art work is done or in the final stages. And now they’re working on layout. Steve’s been putting together the Kickstarter stretch goal extras, like the bonus campaign, the Devil’s Dozen, and getting submissions from you guys for monsters/characters/items for Hell’s Horde. We didn’t like our sample dice, as they came out too yellow, so we’re waiting for some new samples to come in, and we’ve got the pouches to hold the dice too. So everything is on track to be done on time.

Next up on the novel writing front is Monster Hunter Nemesis, or as I like to call it Agent Franks vs. The World.  I’m really really excited for this one.



First I was a GI Joe. Now I'm a Crab Clan samurai 🙂
The Drowning Empire, Episode 10: Good Business at the Laughing Carp

26 thoughts on “Various updates and Hugo Nominations due tomorrow!”

    1. I didn’t read it as anybody getting thrown under the bus. Mike has sworn an oath, and has responsibilities and commitments to honor. Larry is simply commenting on how Mike has been too busy with prior commitments to write.

      Hell, Mike’s contract with Baen was specifically written with the needs of the service and the Grim Reaper in mind. I appreciate the update of why I’m not kicked back reading “Dead Six #5: Bandits in Belize”.

      Trust me, that book will be out as soon as Larry decides he can convince the IRS that tropical island paradise vacations are “necessary expenses” for research in book writing, as most of the 80’s Bond novels obviously were.

      Larry: if you’re going to shoot a book promo video, you have to be on location…

  1. Filling out my ballot now. I’ll probably be nominating the MHI role playing game for best related work next year.

  2. Agent Franks vs. The World…. As a working subtitle, I have to say TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!!!

  3. Actually, you had me at “next up” 🙂 can’t wait. Am slowly getting all the MHI novels for my Army reservist son and SIL…two part time jobs so it comes slowly, but I figure by Christmas I’ll have complete sets for them.

  4. I’m wondering what kind of beverages / healthy / unhealthy snacks we can send your way to assist you with the plethora of red-hot irons in the various fires. I’m sure cash will work, so… ARC copies soon?

    Seriously, it all sounds fantastic!

  5. Franks!! Now that’s my boy. Can’t wait to read more about him. 🙂
    PS: I still hope you find a way to bring Nikolai back. Oh, and you know what would be awesome – the original Bubba. I know he’s a ghost now but if you could find a way to give him a body again and have him fight with Earl & MHI against the Big Bad, that would be amazing.

    1. Hm, Agent Franks vs. Earl, that’s two favorites as subjects of one book. If only Jake could get in that mix.

    2. He doesn’t have to “bring him back”. In spite of George Lucas, prequels aren’t required to suck.

      I’m certain Bubba faced enough nasties to merit a book or twelve of his own. He had lots of employees we can also grow to know and love. We might even see a younger Mr Trashbags talking with Han Solo…

      Watch the MHIverse grow… Mark Twain, Monster Hunter. You just know Jack London was hunting killer Yeti. Ernst Hemmingway was undoubtedly a monster hunter too.

      Monster hunting is cool in books, but in real life there’s lots and lots of time spent waiting in blinds, asking “have you seen this girl” to everybody + dog, and time travelling from point a to point b. All of that leaves plenty of time to write. It also gives authors a much larger experience base to write from.

      1. If you think I’m crazy about real life monster hunting leaving plenty of time for writing, read up about the endless boredom of Loch Ness Monster hunts.

        Unknown Forces™ keep the Loch Ness monster myth alive so they can safely ignore any fake monster hunters claiming encounters. At the same time, Nessie is also a useful albatross to hang around the neck of any real monster hunter trying to warn society about supernatural monsters.

        The smart monsters know humans have extincted lots of terrifying creatures, and that was before we invented nukes. These Unknown Forces™ are also huge supporters of the human hating environmental movements. Currently we can’t extinctify insects or guppies to irrigate California, so their plans are working rather well.

        Don’t even get me started on monster hatred of humans with guns. Food should not be allowed to shoot predators, as any predator will tell you…

  6. There’s still something I’ve been hoping to hear an update on…MHI the Television Series!

    Last I remember, Entertainment 1 had picked up the rights…any word on it?

  7. Is there still somwhere in the Larry Correia pipeline a story about a reality TV series in The Not Too Distant Future where contestants compete to overthrow a third-world African nation?

  8. Oh, also: there… might be something of interest to you in the latest L5R fiction up on AEG’s website, “Collaborations.”

    1. HA! 😀 I just read that.

      I just posted over on the Story Forum. You rock, Shawn.

      I am now a GI Joe and a Crab Clan samurai. 🙂

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