The French cover of Spellbound

Another beautiful piece by Vincent Chong.

Malédiction (2)

Crow vs. Bolander. Very very cool. Yes, I know that skyline isn’t Ada, but just like the mini gun on the last cover, it is all about telling the potential buyer about the story and getting them interested. These covers absolutely excel at that.

The word Spellbound doesn’t really translate well, and there were a couple of options, but this title conveys well. The other potential words all sounded a little too “Disney”. 🙂

And I was just informed by the French publisher that this is a major webpage. On their list of the top 10 works of fantasy works for the year, Hard Magic is #4 overall, and the 2nd book. #1 and #2 were Game of Thrones season 2 and the Hobbit!

Hugo Nominating
LTUE is this weekened

13 thoughts on “The French cover of Spellbound”

  1. I’ve always wondered why books get new covers when they’re published in other countries – it seems to me to be an easy thing to recycle, and would save money.

    Larry, any insights in the business logic behind this?

  2. Sorry if this is a repeat comment. I tried to post it last night and that turned into a clusterfoxtrot of forgotten passwords and fail.

    I was introduced to this site by the excellent post on gun control, and have enjoyed other posts as well. I purchased the first “Monster Hunter” book last night and my Kindle tells me I’m now 10% into it. So far, it’s an enjoyable read for two reasons: a) monsters b) a writer who actually knows about firearms and can write about them intelligently.

    I look forward to future posts and making my way through the MH series.

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