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    Seriously, I get it from a PR perspective. They don’t want their SME (subject matter expert) to be a guy who writes books about killing monsters, because too few people will see beyond that.

    All the same, I hope this makes people look you up and it boosts your books ales.

    1. Ironically the press loves Monsters because it boosts circulation and viewers but are trembling and loathing abut guns. So when the monster break in and are raping your wife and daughters like what also happened in Connecticut and the police wait out side until the house starts burning… this is a solution. I fear that if that guy had a gun and killed both of those trolls he would be up for murder one there. Damn glad I live in Texas they give medals for that sort of thing.

  2. Larry:

    The Huckabee interview was an excellent well thought out presentation that clearly called out the insane position of the left that AR15 rifles look deadly and therefore must be banned. You were calm cool and collected and did a fabulous job of defining the issues.

    I just got through listening to an anecdote on the NRA web site talking about how the ATF after the Waco Incident (a.k.a. Massacre) invited the entire press core to a field day to fire a wide selection of weapons to familiarize them with the various type for firearms they might be covering in the future. out of 50 or so people invited only about 6 took up the invitation saying they were repulsed and afraid of guns. this just proves that the press is a different form of being from the rest of us that has hoplophobia or fear of weapons. So we are up against really a phobic crowd that is truly afraid of guns as an object. They ironically can embrace the monsters behind the killing but not the instruments used.

  3. I recorded the show and watched it this morning. I thought you did a good job being a logical, rational spokesman Larry. Well done!

  4. Good appearance man! I’m glad he loved your article. Hopefully people check your website out too, and start reading some of the best written stories!

  5. Well done! Larry for Governor! You can always find time to write between refusing bribes and hippie congress people cry. Everything else is delegated to flunkies.

  6. Sir,
    Just watched the video and you were great. I really liked your ideas on armed teachers. I spent 15 years in the army, before was wounded in Iraq and forced to retire, I am now an 8th grade teacher and I would love to be able to protect my kids if the need should arise, but all my training and experience is useless under the current lockdown SOP. I know there are guys like me in most schools, it just seems a waste that we are not being used……it seems that the (If it could just save on child’s life) motto only applies to removing guns.

  7. Most excellent point at 5:10: “The bad guy picks the engagement…”

    I’m not particularly fond of Huckabee, but this was a good interview and it’s great to see one of Our Guys out there in the media, making the points thatneed to be made.

  8. Thank you, Larry! I’m passing the video around. Hopefully we’ll get people thinking with their brains.

  9. Very well done sir ! I would really love to see this go viral . Unfortunetly its way to well reasoned and logical .

  10. Hahaha, you put your shoulder on it and it flips up. Seriously, good thing she isn’t a judge of some sort. People would be going to jail and she would even know why.

    1. That’s the most infuriating thing about all of this is the people that are writing the bans have no clue as to what it is they are even trying to ban specifically. Not to mention that the definitions are so vague that almost any firearm could fall under the ban depending on who was interpreting it.

  11. 6’5″? You are a big dude. Please don’t follow me into an alley in the dark! The word you are looking for about the pistol grip and adjustable stock is ergonomics. I will not insult you with the definition. You probably know if better than me. I keep telling people it is ergonomics, just like the special computer keyboards and desks in most major corporations now.

  12. Mr. Correia – I have yet to teach my first CCW class. I’ve been reading some books (On Combat, On Killing, Armed, etc.) that I hope will help me with my classes. Can you give me a few suggestions to look into? I know when I took my CCW class, it was completely limited to the course material provided by the state. No extra information was provided or recommended at all. I know I can do a better job and turn out classes better prepared for the responsibilities of CCW. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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