On Huckabee tonight on FOX

I will be on with Mike Huckabee tonight on FOX news at 8:00 Eastern. It may be shown again at 11:00 Eastern.

For new folks stopping by, it is in relation to my Opinion on Gun Control article, available here: http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/an-opinion-on-gun-control/

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Link to my Huckabee interview
The Drowning Empire, Episode 3: With the Nod of a Head

40 thoughts on “On Huckabee tonight on FOX”

  1. We don’t have cable so I just MIGHT be hangin’ with friends. I gave him a copy of MHI about 2 weeks ago. He’s recovering from heart surgery so he HAS to sit down and rest and read 😀

    1. You gave him MHI to read while recovering? Are you trying to give him a heart attack from all the suspense and action sequences?

    2. He’ll probably tear his stiches reading. You should give him something to help him sleep.

      I can think of lots. Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, for instance.

      1. That’s unfair. Unless you only give him “Crossroads of Twilight,” which would probably constitute abuse of a patient. 😛

    1. Set your DVR for 3:00 Am — or 3:20 – 3:40 if you only want Larry’s segments. They usually rerun Huckabee in the 3:00 AM Monday morning slot.

  2. Like I told you on the phone, Larry, I think you’re a better spokesman for the right to keep and bear arms than anyone the NRA or other national organizations have fielded so far.

    I, personally, would love to see you take on Juan Williams or someone on O’Reilly’s show. You have enough force of personality to get a word in edgewise over O’Reilly, and it’d be seen by millions. But one step at a time.

    Knock ’em dead.

    1. To the folks without cable, I have no doubt one of Larry’s fans will record the segment and throw it up on YouTube for us. If anyone does, please be kind enough to link so we can make it go viral.

      No pressure, Larry. Let your wife pick out your shirt before you go on TV.

  3. I’ll be watching, which for me is saying a lot, I just don’t watch the news, I find it either sensationalist or depressing. Neither of which really encourage me to watch. But after reading your books, and your short novel on gun control, I’ll be watching just to see how things go.

    And who knows, if you start walking the halls of power speaking out against gun control, I might start caring more about politics. If for no other reason because I think it would be like watching Tony Stark speaking at the Senate Hearing in the second Iron Man movie.

  4. He’s on next! *cheer*

    Can’t wait to see you, my dad is in the middle of Vendetta and he’s debating putting the book down or watching you.

    1. Nice job. I think you made your point very well, I wish you could have talked for a full hour rather than like 5 minutes.

  5. Reading legion and waiting to watch you. All this talk about gun control is causing a gun run. I can’t even find a mag for my mossberg 22 plinkster tacticle. Come on it’s just a 22 the only creatures in jeopardy are squirrels

    1. Anton Xander LaVey (founded Church of Satan) used to work as a crime photographer in the 60’s or 70’s in San Francisco. He mentioned in one of his books that back then, the majority guns used in murders were .22’s, because of concealibility, noise, cost to throw away, cheapness of ammo, belief in uselessness of power, etc…

      I guess he’d have known. I think he said that the majority were walk up, put the gun behind the ear, pull the trigger and walk away. Toss the gun in the river/ocean later.

      Also remember, the cops were often only carrying snub nosed .38’s at the time.

  6. Great job.

    It’s a shame that you only had a few minutes to talk though … you deserved the entire show, not just two segments

  7. Good job larry but as homer simpson said “facts are meaningless ..you can use them to prove anything thats remotely true ” fight the good fight and if you make it to ohio lets go to the range

  8. I just watched it. Larry, you rocked it. It was a normal, rational discussion. No foaming at the mouth and that’s exactly what we need right now. Of course, what they circled on the graphic of the AR wasn’t a barrel shroud, but what are you going to do? I’m not going to be picky with friends like Huckabee. Thanks for being the face and voice of a sensible message.

  9. NC is on the ball here, the NRA should hire you to do the talking for them. They would have hit 5 millions members by now, and the dialogue might be very different.

  10. Good work, I think you presented yourself, and by association, the rest of us gun owners very well. Thank you for stepping up to the plate for us.

  11. Nice interview, Larry. Huckabee was lobbing batting practice softballs and you crushed them, which is what you are supposed to do with a friendly interviewer. More people now have actual facts in lieu of scary imagery, and so more people know they are being played by the gun grabbers.

    “If it only saves one life” we should torture terrorists doesn’t seem to be in their lexicon, but they’re eager to violate our rights and our Constitution to “save” one life even if that means endangering it..

    1. We should have armed guards in schools, if it only saves one life.

      But not hippy schools and theaters. They should be posted gun free zones. Let’s try it and see which works better….

      Oh, wait, we did.

    2. saw Zero Dark 30 the other evening, thought they were being way too nice to the detainees…just saying one nan’s enhanced interogation technique is another pussy’s torture.

  12. Just watched the segment on Huckabee–good job and keep it up!

    Maybe this will add more to the Monster Hunter Nation and we’ll get to see Larry on some other shows…

  13. Saw it! You did a great job… sadly the format and time restrictions I don’t think you will do as much good as we all hoped. The Choir will realize you’re speaking common sense, but those who don’t realize guns are for self defense won’t.

    You really need a 1-2 hour special explaining everything a short interview won’t convince enough of the anti-gun people.

    Just my take on the interview, you really needed more time. The issue is so complex.

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