11 thoughts on “Geeky Hobbies: Sunday Afternoon Painting”

  1. Very nice! I’d love to read a post or two on your painting technique. I last painted figures in middle school, but I still engage in the hobby vicariously by reading up on details.

    Do you do the “dip” technique, that seems to have become mainstream in the last decade?

  2. I am seriously considering using a 3-D printer to create custom ABS plastic figures, solid, for customers from their specs [3-D specs, if I have to create them, a lot more, unless they pick a template]. Also anime.
    People can get custom anime, or anything they think of – I’ll probably have to retain an artist, because I can do the tech, but art is different.

  3. Oh, and “Dead Six” – I loved that book. More like it please. It just rocked, and if you only knew …

  4. When I first looked at your post I only saw the picture and thought you had made a early MHI figure =P The high collar to protect the neck and the gun blades. Awesome figure!

  5. Back before Mk 2 that two person unit was freaking insane. I did all types of horrible things with them and the Old Witch of Khador.

    1. Yes, this is a unit which in MK1 when my opponent would set it down I had a “well crap” moment. While not impossible to deal with it was (and certainly still is to a point) one of those units that you make dealing with part of your strategy the minute you see them hit the table. And as I’m sure you know having a unit that forces your opponent to change his battle plans is a great feeling.

      1. They are still pretty awesome. I tend toward infantry spam tactics, so having Aiyanna means that all of sudden my spam can actually damage pretty much anything. 🙂

      2. Yup, like I said, this is one of those units that when I see them across from me whatever plan I had has to change to incorporate a way to deal with these two.

        Larry, have you seen the leaks of the Skorne gargantuan? Also a new Skorne solo has been previewed and it looks like it might be pretty sweet.

  6. I used to do a mk1 force with them, the Old Witch, Nyss hunters, man hunters, widowmakers and two Ogryn Bokurs. You want nasty, have an Ogryn guarding the lady elf and put her in melee range of an enemy. Holt and the Bokur would rip it to pieces.

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