3 thoughts on “Next Book Bomb will be this Tuesday the 27th”

  1. This might be off-topic, but, I am on page 582 so far on Monster Hunter International and I only got the book on Wednesday. This is the first book of yours I have read so far and I am really enjoying it 🙂

  2. Oh, by the way. I love all the gun related (and obviously accurate) stuff, but for the first 500+ pages all I saw as Kimber and a lot of other guns I don’t have. I was thinking “what about something like my STI .45” (which sadly I can’t use in IDPA matches because of the bull barrel). Then I get to the part where Julie gives him one as a present! Next you have to throw in an LWRC AR-15 somewhere 🙂

    1. Rest easy, good Gnuphie. There is no shortage of gun porn in your readings ahead. MHI pulls in cash by the truckload, and throws it at vendors just as quickly.

      These guys are at least weekly fighting for their lives, and depending upon their guns. The phrase “the best they can afford” doesn’t enter into it for their equipment, as most can afford pretty much anything. Even the newbies get issued top of the line loaners, because expensive guns are cheap compared to replacing dead newbies.

      Z is toting exactly what Larry would carry if he woke up one day with a new job in Alabama.

      Me? I want a pin-up poster of Tanya. (Julie’s off limits, because she’s based on the wife of some huge Latino gun nut.)

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