What I'm working on and what is coming up next

Okay, by popular demand (as in a bunch of people have emailed and bugged me about it or posted in the comments here asking) here is an update about what I am working on.

Currently I’m writing Warbound, the third Grimnoir novel.  It is coming along, slowly but steadily. This year has been my slowest writing year since I’ve been doing this as far as total word count. I can blame part of that on having a new kid in the house, but a bigger part was that I made a strategic blunder when I wrote the first act, and had to go back and change a bunch of stuff.

Hard Magic, Spellbound, and Warbound will be a trilogy, and Warbound wraps up this arc. Though I am planning a couple more Grimnoir novels in the future, they will be about different people/times.  Warbound has been scheduled to be released in August.  No idea on the others yet, though I have pitched and sold two of them. One is set in 1908 and is called Knights of New York, and another is about the dawn of magic and is in the 1850s in a colonial setting.

Then we’ve got Swords of Exodus, which is the sequel to Dead Six. Mike Kupari is finishing up his half and has edited our two parts together. I’ll be taking an editing shot at it too here pretty quick. We want to have this one turned in to Toni by the end of the year. I don’t know what the expected release date is for it.

There is one more Valentine/Lorenzo novel planned which we’ve sold to Baen, and it is tentatively titled Project Blue.

I’ve got a novella that will be coming out probably the first part of 2013, but I can’t say too much about it yet. I wrote it for a company, using their IP/world. They are expanding their universe into novels. I don’t think they’ve made an annoucement yet, so until then, I can’t really say much about it, though it did come out pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  This was something I did for kicks, and it was a fast, fun project. It was nice to be able to go and play in somebody else’s world for a while, and I will be doing another one of these again next year.

I’ve also got a ton of writing to do for the MHI RPG, which thanks again to you guys being so awesome, we funded the heck out of.

Then I’m squeezing in a final Crimson Pact anthology short story. This will be the last Tombs/Santos written with Steve Diamond.

My plan after finishing Warbound and doing the final edit of SoE is to start the next MH novel. That would be Monster Hunter Nemesis, but you could also call it Agent Franks vs. The World, or maybe World War Franks. 🙂

There are several other MH novels planned after that, but you’ll just have to wait for more info.

However, also somewhere in there is the long awaited collaboration with John Ringo. That has been more a matter of scheduling than anything. This project is John’s world so he will be the one kicking it off, and then I’ll be writing the rough based on that.

In addition there are a couple other stand alones and one other trilogy which I’ve pitched and sold. I’ve got an epic fantasy series and then the stand alone reality TV show book.

My next Book Bomb!
Spellbound is now in paperback!

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  1. Likely Story, Larry. . . we REALLY know you’re pushing as many novels past Jan. 20, 2017, just so Obama can’t get his paws on your profits!!!!!! (evil grin)

      1. Oh good lord, you’re on FaceBook.

        $*(%*()#$ now I’m gonna have to get a )($(#$*() facebook ()*@$_)(*$*@ account.

        #()*$()$_()* -08#QW*$_* $ my ()#$(*) $ #)*(#)$#)(*+@ *$)*( it.

        You realize you’re the only reason I’d ever go there, don’t you?


      2. was about to ask the same question…. i had horrible visions of you co- writing a Legacy of the Alldenata, Looking Glass or Wands series book 😀

  2. I am so excited. Earlier today I thought to myself, I wonder when Warbound and SoE will be coming out. August cannot get here soon enough. If you release Warbound online, like you did MHL, I guess I will just have to buy it twice.

  3. Larry,

    In terms of future MHI novels just remember that the titles,

    MHI: Elf Princess
    MHI: Orc Ninja

    Would automatically go to the top of my pre-order list if they ever come out…


  4. Listening to Hard Magic during my workouts (my first listen although I read the book last year). I should be finished listening to Spellbound about the time Warbound comes out. Perfect timing!

  5. Is there any Dead Six books coming that deal with the Chinese fighting we saw in the teaser chapters off of your site? Love the geo-politico hoodoo you do so well….(please reply here, e-mail undeliverable)

    1. No. That was an event that happened earlier in the timeline. Though the 2nd book takes place mostly at the intersection of China, Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.

    2. The 2nd Chinese Civil War was an on again, off again conflict between the People’s Republic of China (North China) and the Republic of China (South China and Taiwan). The fighting spanned almost a decade. Ling, who is an adult in DEAD SIX, fought in the Third Battle of Shanghai when she was a teenager. (Shanghai was later destroyed by a nuclear weapon, an act that both sides blame the other for).

      The war has since settled into a permanent cease-fire, with the DMZ and border following the Yangtze River. Communist North China is oppressive and reclusive, like a giant North Korea but with much better industrial capacity. South China is overpopulated and corrupt. There are talks of reunification, but the governments of the two sides hate each other too much, and neither wants to give up power.

  6. Darned good thing you’re a workaholic, then.
    I thought *I* was behind on my obligations, but you’re making me look like a rank amateur. (Now I just need to choose between awe and horror as the appropriate reaction.)

    I was going to get Nemesis on the day it came out. But the “World War Franks” line might just make me spring for the ARC.

  7. A novella written for a company wanting to branch out into books with their IP, huh? I wonder if it has anything to do with a certain kingdom of a ferric nature.

    1. And a few days later Privateer Press announces a new line of novels. Here’s me hoping this is more than coincidence, and that you’ve signed on for the first Skorne novel, Larry.

  8. If Monster Hunter Nemesis concentrates conversations by Agent Franks, it’s gonna be one helluva short story including mostly grunts. Otherwise, it better be full of action. I’m betting on the latter option.

  9. A book about Agent Franks?!?!?!?!?

    Damn you Larry… your cunning plan to separate me from my dough has once again born fruit……

    ( Not that I wasnt going to get Warbound, and Swords of Exodus already… )

    I can’t wait!! 😀

  10. “I’ve got an epic fantasy series and then the stand alone reality TV show book.”

    A reality TV show book? Are you just seeing if we read to the end of your posts? LOL!

    1. If it’s the one I think it is, it’s about a reality show (near-future type, I believe?) where teams of contestants compete to overthrow a third-world African nation. Oddly, this is the one that I’m looking forward to the most.

  11. ” I wrote it for a company, using their IP/world. They are expanding their universe into novels. I don’t think they’ve made an annoucement yet, so until then, I can’t really say much about it, though it did come out pretty awesome if I do say so myself”

    As long as the words “Night Elf Mohawk!” do not appear…

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