Christmas Shopping Reminder

Hey everybody, just a friendly reminder that it is time to do your Christmas shopping, and nothing makes better presents than the gift of Larry Correia novels. 🙂

Plus, if you look over to the right side of the blog, anytime you order anything from Amazon or Barnes & Noble after entering through one of my links, I get a percentage for the refferal. Think of this as a tip jar. And it doesn’t have to be my books. If you go through the Hard Magic link and then end up buying a pair of boots and needle nose pliers, I get paid. So if you are going to be ordering stuff anyway, just click enter that site through one of my links and I make a little bit of money which I will then promptly blow on ammo or miniatures.

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17 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Reminder”

  1. I will do that. Please blow it on ammo, because at the next IDPA or 3-gun match here I will be the guy wandering around moaning about how those with more ammo need give their fair share in redistributing their wealth of ammo to those like me who were too stupid to bring enough. Whoops, I mean, those like me who were unfairly discriminated against when ammo was handed out.

    And I will be getting a few books … 🙂

    1. Larry will sign just about anything you put in front of him (except blank checks for some reason. I’ve tried.)

  2. Hi Larry,
    Any update on MHI: Nemesis and when it will be published? Any info on an e-arc?

    Yes, I was one of those kids who looked for my presents before Christmas Day…


    1. This might be a good time for Larry to do another update post on upcoming books.

      I think he’s got Warbound up next, and then the post-apocalyptic steampunk collaboration with John Ringo before MH:Nemesis, but I’m not sure.

  3. I made my browser’s bookmark for Amazon your link to the Amazon home page. I never have to think about it again, and my family spends a pretty penny at Amazon every year. Just Christmas this year will end up being around $700 through them. I just click on it and shop.

  4. Hey now, it’s INVESTING in ammo and miniatures. You’re getting a return from those, after all – just, probably not monetary.

  5. “ammo or miniatures”
    I would suggest there was a lead theme here, but I suspect the figures are no longer lead and your ammo of choice would be dU or tungsten.

  6. Any idea on how deep into the shopping session the kick-back goes? If I click through, browse a dozen items and then buy, does Larry get a portion so long as it is all one shopping trip up the Amazon mall?

  7. As a web programmer I would suspect they have it setup as a parameter in the session when you link in and would be there until the session expires (and can be programmatically removed). But, all this is at the control of the programmer, and he is doing it according to the whims of Amazon’s marketing / management, so I would assume the terms of the setup would be communicated to whoever is hosting the links.

  8. I tried to go to Amazon from your sidebar links, but they exclusively took me to Barnes and Noble. From the “My Novels” tab, it’s no problem to get to Amazon. I dunno if it’s my browser or what, but you might want to look into that. Thanks!

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