A independant bookstore in need of help

From My Shelf bookstore is a small indy shop in Pennsylvania. They’ve been fans of mine since I originally started. They are the only bookstore in their area, and they are in danger of getting shut down so the landlord can make room for some other stuff. They are asking for help.


We have been served an eviction notice by our landlord. Although we are not exactly sure yet how we will handle this, it would be extremely helpful to us — personally, and to the bookstore, and our community — if you would write a short note telling our landlord, David Zavetsky, how much the bookstore means to you, your family, your kids, the school, our community, etc. We need to show him how much we’ve been doing here, and what a mistake he’s making. By the way, he has NOT given an eviction notice to Pop’s Culture.

Here is David’s address: David Zavetsky, c/o LYDA Properties, LLC PO Box 246, Wellsboro, PA 16901

Thank you, and bless you for all the support you’ve given us.

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10 thoughts on “A independant bookstore in need of help”

  1. Without more info this seems a bit one sided and I can’t speak for or against it. It seems that they are being vague in order to use an ad misericordiam argument. I don’t can’t jump on a band wagon without more info. That’s the danger of the interweb people.
    I wish them luck however.

  2. I’m with you guedenimbo….needlework shop that has been in Austin for over 25 years shut down this summer…she’d been in the same location. Landlord raised the rent more than she wanted so she closed it down…he’d been trying to get her to leave for years though…

    1. It sucks when small businesses close. Two-ish months ago the nations oldest general store closed it had been in the same family for 8-9 generations. It closed less than 3 months after the next generation inherited it.
      I don’t like seeing small businesses close.
      I also don’t like being part of an interweb mob. The information tends to be one sided.

  3. I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here. Now, I don’t know about Wellsboro, PA, but I can see how things are here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. There’s LOTS of commercial space empty, from stores that have closed throughout the Recession/Depression/whatever.

    What stops them from moving to another space ?? After all, it appears that the Landlord wants more rent, and they didn’t agree, so he’s ending the lease. The Landlord has a business, too, and has every right to make a profit on it.

    On the referenced Facebook page, the bookstore people even mention that the Landlord has admitted that he’s “played the Philanthropist too long already”, suggesting, to me at least, that he’s been carrying the bookstore as a loss for some time now.

    Lastly, as others have mentioned, we’re only hearing one side of the story. I think the Nation is going to need a LOT more facts before acting on this one. . .

  4. Looks to me as if all that is being asked for is letters from already existent customers. Presumably such folk already know (or have access to) both sides already. No internet mob is called for, just activation of a customer base.

    1. That would be fine except it’s just just being posted on their fan page or their store window. It’s being posted here. It could be being posted elsewhere. Interweb mobs aren’t alwasye intended but they have a way of snowballing. Heck considering most of the fans of this page have probably never even heard of this store, and the ones that have probably already know of it’s existence what good would this do other than start an interweb mob?
      I don’t think that’s Larry’s intention, but that’s how the interweb works. Mobs form very fast.

  5. The landlord would do well to consider the old axiom -:be careful what you wish for, you may get it”. I see a lot of landlords raising rates (which they have a perfect right to do) and ending up with vacant properties. So much so I wonder if there is a writeoff or other advantage to it.

    1. To quote their own blog (http://networkedblogs.com/E3dc0) :

      “When we got the opportunity to move into the beautiful big building at 25 Main St, we took a big risk moving, but we knew it would be worth it, for all of us!”

      With risk, comes the possibility of failure. That’s life. I still don’t see how they can’t find a different location. And not being able to move with two whole months before eviction ??? I’m waving the BS flag here.

      They simply don’t WANT to move, and apparently feel entitled to their current lease and rent in perpetuo. . . .

      With the attitude they appear to have, I find no reason to support them, and many reasons NOT to. . . .

  6. I’d be willing to support them by buying some books… but I can’t justify writing a letter without more info.

  7. I am the Landlord, they are lying to the public. They are being removed for harassing the neighboring tenants and they continue to harass us and the neighbors. I see above some see through their ploy. You may reach out to me if any questions. dz8190@aol.com

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