MHI Kickstarter, 20 days to go and 114% funded

Hey guys, here is another update on the MHI Kickstarter. We are currently at $51,570, which means that we have now reached our first stretch goal.  There is now an extra PDF of monsters and bad guys included for everyone. When we get to $60,000 we will be adding MHI logo dice, and then we’ve got more planned.

Here is one of Steve’s updates:

Since we’ve crossed the $50K mark, all backers at the $25 and up level will get The Devil’s Dozen, an illustrated PDF of 13 new villains, monsters, and NPCs dreamed up by Larry and written up by Steve. We thought you might enjoy a sneak peek at a couple of the ideas Larry’s already sent Steve:

La Maldición, the Haunted Gun:  This old, intricately engraved, gold-inlaid Colt 1911 chambered in .38 Super seems to possess a strange sentience, and to bring misfortune and disaster to those who dare to wield it.

Devil Monkeys:  Mischievous, vicious, monkey-like beings from another dimension who can cause all sorts of trouble for monster hunters.

(The latter were mentioned in passing in one of the MHI novels, but not discussed in any detail, so we figure that still qualifies as “all new.” 😉 If nothing else GMs should have a lot of fun with ’em, he said maliciously.)

But wait, there’s more!  We have opened up extra patches for every body. These are Kickstarter only patches. Here is the update:

We’ve just reached our 500th backer! To celebrate this milestone, we’re now expanding the availability of patches. Anyone at the $60 or higher level can add up to 9 patches at $10 each — just increase your pledge now and we’ll ask in the survey at the end of the Kickstarter how many extra patches (and books at $60) to send you. Backers at the $140 and higher reward tiers still get their first patch free, and can now add up to 9 more at $10 each. In addition, everyone at the $140 and above reward tiers will get a second bonus patch with a different design. (Extras of the bonus patch will not be available.)

As always, thanks for your support, and be on the lookout for more announcements of bonuses, rewards, and stretch goals! It won’t be much longer until we reach the $50K stretch goal, and there’s plenty of good stuff to come after that. 😉

Oh, but that’s not all. Not even close, because if you order now, Edward will sacrifice a chicken for you!

Night of a Thousand Patches

Good news, monster hunters! Last weekend’s special went so well that we’re running another one this weekend.

From now through the end of Sunday, for every new pledge we get, and every increase of an existing pledge, Edward the Orc will on your behalf perform a sacrifice to Ba’retta, goddess of firearms, to ensure your accuracy both in-person and in-game!

Please select one of the following for your sacrifice:  chicken; goat; spotted owl; platypus; replacement NFL referee (new pledges only); sparkly vampire (new pledges only).

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for shamanic assistance. Edward is standing by and ready to help you!

As soon as I’ve got some artwork for the two different patches, I’ll be posting it here and on the KS page. These are both limited to just the KS, and one of them is limitied to just the upper tier pledges. My buddy Rabbit (who you all know as STI’s marketing guy, and the dude who had the idea for Management and Travis Alamo Sam Houston) is doing the design work, and he is just waiting for me to make up my freaking mind about what I want to do. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “MHI Kickstarter, 20 days to go and 114% funded”

  1. Thanx, quedenimbo, and everyone else who’s helping us with this Kickstarter! We’ve been impressed and gratified by the support so far, and are looking forward to reaching more stretch goals and providing Larry’s fans with More Cool Stuff.

    Next up at the $60K mark: special MHI dice!

  2. I love that the haunted gun is in .38Super. I assume it possessed the mind of the owner and convinces them that .38Super can do anything. I’ve had brief brushes with this brainwashing – mostly when I read a Steven Hunter book.

  3. So why did they file it under just games instead of board & card games? (With the other RPG’s) If filed under board & card games it pops up in both catagories, but under its current label It needs to be sorted out from everything that is a game. If I didn’t know that the kickstarter existed I would never have found it.

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