Monster Hunter Contest over on Planet Baen

Over on the Planet Baen videogame, October is Monster Hunter month, and today they are running a contest. I was just sent this:

Old One Eviction

Your Planet Baen monster hunter chapter uncovers what “What Man Was Not Meant to Know” and kicks eldritch butt with a nuke in Its giant eye! Destroys evil’s economic depression, and provides a big surge point bonus.

The collection process on the gifts will require some give and take horse trading among the players, by the way, since not everyone will get all six different Monster Hunter gifts by the system.

We will also offer a signed edition ofMonster Hunter Legion and three free ebooks to the first player to complete the set and get the bonus.

This is starting at 3PM Eastern time today, You can go there and get all the details.  So, play a game, get free stuff. Win. Win life FOREVER. 🙂

New MHI patches available (Limited time only)
MHI Kickstarter Update: 107% and 22 days to go

2 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Contest over on Planet Baen”

  1. Hey Larry, This is totally off topic but thought you’d get a good laugh out of it. I’m pretty uneducated when it comes to guns so to help me read along I was googling the different components of “Abomination” and when I looked up the Tula6G15 40mm grenade launcher one of the first pictures that showed up was the cover of your books! I thought it was pretty great! Thanks again for being so amazing!

  2. Yep, just waiting for my “Monster Hunter Illuminatus” gift and then I’m set. Others have already finished the contest, now just waiting for that 1 special card…….

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