The MHI Kickstarter DAY 2: 65% and Please Tell Your Friends

It hasn’t been 48 hours yet and we are 65% of the way funded to our initial goal. We are just shy of $30,000 right now. $45,000 is our break even launch point. As good as we’ve done, I’m not worried at all about hitting the $45K. This project will fund, but what I really want to do is overfund it, so we can start adding more cool stuff for all the backers.

The faster we fund each level, the more extra stuff we can put out, the more valuable your initial pledges become.

For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter, Stretch Goals are when you’ve reached your original funding goal, and the project is a go, but you want to make it blow up huge, you offer stretch goals. So once we hit the 45K, then we’ll put up the next goal along with what comes with it. So then everyone on a certain tier and higher gets that stuff added to their original order for no additional cost.  Or, in a couple of cases of things we want to offer, there will be a small increased cost for something, but then you get something totally awesome for it.

And because I live my life based upon a philosophy of competition, malice, and spite, I want this project to go big. 🙂

So in order to supply you guys with even more fluffy MHI goodness, please tell your friends: MyTweetFace, your blog, your mom’s blog, your cat’s blog, overpass graffitti (Monster Hunter Nation does not condone criminal acts especially if you get caught being a dumbass, unless you end up on the news and get the Kickstarter more publicity, because hey, that is kind of cool… but seriously, no crime), web forums where gun nuts, monster nuts, or gamers congregate… Or maybe even web forums for cigar afficianados, classic muscle cars, and knitting, hell if I know, I don’t know what you people do on the internets.

But what you should do now is spread the word!

We are one of the top grossing Kickstarters
MHL #4 Fan Favorite at Audible for September

8 thoughts on “The MHI Kickstarter DAY 2: 65% and Please Tell Your Friends”

  1. Cat blogging, Dog shaming, and Author stalking – it’s all good!
    Ain’t it a great time to be a gadget geek?!

  2. My two cats do actually have their own blog. So we’ll make that tomorrow’s post… pending their approval naturally. PS: On Friday, I’m chipping in for a tier.

    1. Jurgen, stay tuned. We’ve got to hit the main goal first as our break even point before we start messing around with offering interntional shipping. We plan on doing so though.

      1. I saw the higher tiers include international shipping. Am I reading right the 250 tier is the first with international shipping?

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