Geeky Hobbys, Sunday Afternoon Painting

Me and the kids spent the afternoon after church painting minis. I’m working on my Warmachine Mercenary army. This is my first attempt at a Warjack. (which in the game terms means big awesome steampunk robot).  I tried for a little bit of a rust effect in a few spots and some grime.

And here he is with the guy I painted last time, Damiano.

I’ve got an entire army to paint with this theme.


Pre basing:

How the heck did my iPhone actually manage to take a better detail picture than my wife’s Canon did while using a lightbox? Man, I suck at photography. :p

I need a big favor
The Burning Throne, Episode 42: MAKOTO IN HELL

15 thoughts on “Geeky Hobbys, Sunday Afternoon Painting”

    1. Needs more imperial guard…For the emperor!

      Jk, good looking models man…reminds me of painting baneblades and dreadnoughts.

  1. I don’t want to call you a geek Larry but all evidence points to it.

    You Geek.

    Also not bad painting, needs more splashes of red on the blade to represent the blood of your enemies.

  2. Also when does the Ringo/Correia Space Opera novel come out? I’ve been unimpressed with Ringo’s latest stuff, apart from the Queen of Blades which was a fantastic novel, so I’m hoping this is a return to form for him. You seem to be on a roll so I’m expecting good things all round otherwise there will be some serious moaning on this site and I promise to not hold back!

  3. Great figurines.

    Can I also just say what a treat it is to have an author and blogger talk about going to church like it’s a normal thing? Which it is for a lot of us readers.

    Love that you’re doing it (both church and geekery) with your kids too!

  4. You should drop by end zone from time to time (great group of guys) also best selection of minus I have seen in northern utah

    1. I love that store. I’ve played a couple of Thursday nights and a pick up game or two while my daughter is playing Yu-Gi-Oh on Saturday. 🙂

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