Check it out. Links and pretty pictures of book covers! :D

After futiley pitting my computer illiteracy against WordPress for the last few years, I finally gave up and asked my brother in law the computer programmer to help me out. So now we’ve got cool looking pictures of my book covers as links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Think of those links as a tip jar. Whenever you use one of my links to B&N or Amazon, and you buy anything, not just the item it is linked to, I get a percentage of the purchase price for the refferal. Anything that goes through that portal,I get credit for. So if you need a new pair of books, a Nook, or are doing your Christmas shopping online, if you enter those pages through one of my links then I get more money to blow on ammunition and miniatures. 🙂

The Pale Horse AR-15
When Diplomacy Fails

7 thoughts on “Check it out. Links and pretty pictures of book covers! :D”

  1. I wish you’d told us this yesterday. I just bought a bunch of music on Amazon last night. That could have gotten you a whole extra bullet!
    Will know better in the future.

  2. Just a suggestion: Instead of a book cover for each store, have the book cover and then a link below it to either B&N or Amazon. That will reduce the space and keep people from getting confused about which one you are going to. For example, as you get further down it’s hard to tell visually if the label is above or below the book you are clicking on. With the link it’s all right there.

    My 2 cents.

  3. Will these also count if we click on them to buy the audiobook from Audible? I’m really looking forward to MHL and want to make sure you get a that little bit extra when I buy it,

    1. I don’t actually know. Audible has its own sales affiliate program, but I’ve never signed up for it.

  4. I just grabbed the pre-order for MHL from your link. Didn’t know until right before I completed the purchase that it’s the signed hardcover. And I’ll get it on release day thanks to Amazon Prime. I am happy. Thanks, Larry!!

  5. I respectfully suggest adding series names and book numbers.

    One thing I find extremely frustrating when checking out a new author:
    I have no damned idea which book is what number in what series. I find one that interests me, and I have to leave the author’s homepage and go hunting around the internet.

    When I find the book info, no way am I going to go back to the author’s site just to give them the amazon commission. The author made me leave in the first place.

    Then there are omnibus books which contain multiple other books.

    Man I love MHI,V, A, L

    Zombie slushies forever!

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