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  1. Larry,

    There must be a timeline involved here somewhere. Would it be possible to map out a timeline for the books and the game? The books involve earthshaking events, and introductions of new elements all the time which will affect game balance. My favorite character “Abomination” obviously isn’t available before Owen shows up.

    Also, as MCB and Unicorn vie for control of the country, that will make for some interesting scenarios. If we have some timeline, we can set campaigns into eras of “Total MCB control” or “Under the table cooperation with MCB to fight Unicorn’s supremacy”. Agent Franks evolves from full on homocidal sociopath in book one to ‘immortal with a job who sees human life as too brief to care about’ in later books. Kind of like the good angels in the ‘Prophecy’ movies.

    There will also be times when characters will and won’t be alive. Ray the Insane wasn’t always whacked, and it could be fun. The Christmas Party would be fun, but there are characters not available.

    Also, dragons don’t show up ’till later.

    As a rough guide, should we use publication dates of the books, and assume they chronicle events in apparently real time?

    Also, you get to be able to sell “Supplementary Editions” for introducing new stuff.

  2. Can’t wait to see the NPC Pitt 2.0 Superbaby. Born with the tattoos, he/she will be reminiscent of Alia Atredies, in the womb when her mother became a Reverend Mother.

    Byrekia Shackelford Pitt (the obvious name) will be able to use the power of the tattoos instinctively, having had them literally all his/her life. No preconcieved notions of what isn’t possible for a human. Having absolutely no fear of injury (mortal wound means ‘ouch’ and 10 minutes of weakness). Unbelivably strong, this baby will be a handful.

    The crib is going to have to sit in the werewolf storage box outside. Just think of what she’ll learn from Uncle Milo.

    This’ll be the funnest baby since Tanya trips Ed and births a human. (Ha!) Ed is _really_ good at stabbing things, including diaphrams.

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