Buy Stuff Tab update, I screwed up

I went to fill orders for the last 6 weeks and discovered that my box of original patches that I thought I had was actually a box of Utah patches. I ordered more originals last week, and should have them next week.

And yes. I suck at filling orders. I know. I’m a one man show and I’m in this to write books. I suck at merchandising. I don’t really make any money off of the autographed books and patches, and I mostly do them to make fans happy. However, that means that I’m going to be slow as hell at it. I get about a hundred emails a day so be aware that I’m always running behind, but I do eventually answer everybody.

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12 thoughts on “Buy Stuff Tab update, I screwed up”

  1. Find some kid you trust and have them come in once a week month and process orders for you. It takes a bit of the load off you and gives the kid a great opportunity to learn some responsibility and some cash.

    You could also setup a different email address for orders that they would have access to and or have them check both your cafepress site and the buy stuff tab of your blog. Even if they don’t respond to requests they can filter for you and make sure anything important is brought to you quickly

    The prices on your gear seem to be pretty decent so if you wanted to, I am sure you could raise the price a buck or so. If you wanted to

  2. After meeting you at Dragoncon last year, I can honestly say that I appreciate the fact that you actually enjoy interacting with your fans and talking with us about your books and other things. So no matter how slow you are the fans don’t mind b/c you actually like us and aren’t just trying to milk us for money.

  3. I’d be willing to help one Saturday a month or something in exchange for occasional writing, publishing, and marketing tips.

  4. a hundred emails a day…I’d shoot myself if I was that popular.

    And how’s this for strange…I was gonna send you an email about the patches (Sgt. Radcliffe emailed me, his poor old mom, saying “Nope, I haven’t gotten a suprise from MHI, are you crazy or sumptin’ Ma?”) but I couldn’t figure out how to gently ask without seeming pushy. And then, boom, your comment posts about mailing out patches!
    Thank you again for sending them to my boy, ‘way over there in Afghanistan. Only a few more months to go, praise the Lord and pass the ammo !

  5. Damn! I was going to wait until August 1st before I sent a nasty gram about my patches! You just made the deadline! Hahahaha!
    But seriously, I hope the RPG will not be done by Mongoose or WOTC or use the FATE system! Can you at least confirm that little glimmer of hope?

  6. Delegate, Dude!

    I know you accountant types like to keep control, but…..

    Arrange a contract with a local company that you can trust, and turn it over to them to run

  7. To review: Steve wrote on July 31st, “Find some kid you trust…”

    Look right HERE, Larry, right HERE! I’m no kid, but I can be trusted and I can prove it w/references from places across the U.S.A. where I volunteer at/for (“virtually,” from home). Set me up with your stuff and I’ll mail those treasures right out of here (New York)! I have easy access to my post office and I’m on a first-name basis with my letter carriers. I’d love to help, for the great, great price of absolutely NOTHING. Contact me privately if you want to make this happen.

  8. So kind of like ordering a Garand from the CMP? You’ll like what you get, but you may have to wait awhile for it to show up? 🙂

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