James O'Keefe does it again

Our favorite undercover pimp/reporter (pimporter?) pulls off another hidden camera expose. This time he exposes the BS of shovel ready jobs bills and union corruption.


Hilarity ensues.  I’m sure this will be like the ACORN helping Guatemalan sex slaves thing and the left will scream about how it was editied to be biased or it was one bad apple or blah blah blah, until they release all of the unedited footage and then we will hear the crickets chirp.

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15 thoughts on “James O'Keefe does it again”

  1. And the people who don’t need to be told this will believe, while the people who need to see it will go, “Oh, that guy that tricked Acorn into saying stupid stuff?”, “Didn’t he get arrested for bugging someone’s phone?”, “Didn’t he deceptively edit some tape of planned parenthood too?”, ” He’s the guy that cost Sharrod her job, isn’t he?”, and turn their brains off.

    O’Keefe has been successfully labeled and discarded. Selection bias will prevent him from getting anywhere.

    And with the couple dozen people that haven’t been entrenched yet, half of them will nod their heads that “Gettin’ people dem jobs is dah import’nt part. “

  2. This is the most honest these Union guys have ever been! They are behind closed doors, laughing at how easy it is to trick Law Makers to hand over piles of taxpayer cash for “BullShite”. And they see nothing wrong with this. Hmmm. I see the unemployment line in the future for these people.

    1. No. That assumes that these union thugs have this thing called shame.

      If there isn’t a prison sentence involved, they will get over it.

  3. Republicans sign their checks to the government on the front, Democrats sign their checks from the government on the back.

  4. Lazy-ass, shady, crooked people remain lazy-ass, shady, crooked people. Nothing new to see there. Shit people stay shit. Lack of character crosses party lines, with lazy, lying fuckers trying to take advantage when they think no one is watching. Nothing to do with Democrat vs. Republican or liberal vs. conservative. We need to start hanging people again.

    1. I agree there are bad Republicans, but the party actually tries to weed them out. That’s why when a Republican cheats, does drugs or has an affair no other Republicans go near them. With the Democrats they not only seem to tolerate bad and criminal behavior they embrace it as a badge of courage. It seems to harken back to the thieves and assassins guild, you have to share tales of your crime to get in the brotherhood. Once in they will protect you from all outside attacks, there is no leaving though because those that protect you also have all the dirt on you. They want more and new dirt on a regular basis too so you have to keep walking the left handed path as it were.
      The Republicans might be called hypocrites for ostracizing their own when caught, but at least they try to get rid of the bad apples.
      The Democrats welcome the bad, and ostracize the good.

      1. I wonder if geography has a little to do with that. The Rs from the Midwest and West are not used to the graft systems of Chicago, MA, and other places of ill-repute, they can not gain nearly as much from trying to emulate those systems because fewer of their constituents will tolerate it, and so as an aggregate the Rs tend to be either less corrupt or manage to hide it better. There are not enough Ds from the West and Midwest to balance the others, or they are from places where corruption has been endemic for quite a while (Houston, the Rio Grande Valley, parts of NM, parts of MO). Just my speculations, YMMV.

      2. It could very well be based on the location of the constituents. I think it is also partially due to the newer generations. The Republicans didn’t really start kicking their own out or ostracizing them until the middle to end of Clinton’s first term. I know I was only a kid at the time so my memory might be slightly skewed. I have looked back though and I don’t see many instances of ostracizing Republicans for affairs or shady deals that come to light. Before then it was swept under the rug like all skeletons.

        Whenever it started, and whatever started it I’m glad. Not for the ostracizing of those who cheat on their spouse I don’t care about their personal lives. Ostracizing politicians because it comes to light they made tons of back room deals, or they are in fact a criminal. Or lie to their constituency these are things that need to be stopped not embraced.

  5. My family has been in a Union for 3 generations. We’ve built roads, bridges, dams running heavy equipment for 12 plus hours a day. In between we’ve fought in every war this country has had (except WW1 we droped the ball on that one) The unions that are in the middle of this shit are the school and government worker unions.
    The other unions are hard working and hard fighting people. They don’t set in closed door meetings or talk to lawmakers.I get tired of people constantly running down unions. Not all unions are the same please remember that. And dear god in heaven don’t bad mouth unions around Iron workers those dudes are nuts. also FUCK OBAMA! that one was for Wirecutter

    1. Sorry Corey but I believe these were Laborers Union officials, that is a trade union. My dad, uncles and the majority of my cousins are union members in the NYC area. Steamfitters and Dockbuilders primarily and one has already taken to slamming my posting on facebook on this stayin O’Keefe uses actors to stage this… sure, actors to get the subjects to volunteer to commit fraud.

      Sadly this behavior is NOT unheard of in trade unions but those associated with gov’t funded construction jobs like this one are the worst. Generally the trade unions are full of hard working people, unlike many of the government service unions. Unfortunately by the time you get to the top the wheeling and dealing with politicians for pork projects in exchange for political support is know to happen.

    2. Corey, Ken is right. While there are many hardworking trade union members, there are many criminals in the system as well. Especially in the leadership. I don’t doubt that your family has been hard-working and free of the outrageous behavior of the union establishment, but that doesn’t mean that criminality isn’t happening within the ranks. It just means that your family’s hard work gets tainted by those crooks who suck the honest people dry.

  6. This is why I wish Glenn Beck were still on broadcast TV. Sure I didn’t agree with everything he said. He was still one of the few hosts/shows that were willing to show video, and play audio of what is really happening out there. Most of the real news gets swept under the rug and we never hear about i.

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