Charity: Nancy Sutter's Vision Relief Fund

This is for fellow Baen author Micheal Z Williamson’s aunt. She’s an artist, and needs surgery to save her vision.

Mike is willing to do redshirts for donations.  I don’t know how he’s working that, but if you donate, Mike will kill you in a novel. Check it out.

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6 thoughts on “Charity: Nancy Sutter's Vision Relief Fund”

  1. She’s my wife’s aunt.

    For $100 (You’ll have to let me know you donated), you can be redshirted in an upcoming story.

    For $250, you can decide how the redshirts die. (Subject to the rules of the story’s milieu, but I do find ways to make things…messy.)

    For smaller donations she is offering original artwork, and of course, every dollar helps.

    Thanks in advance to all.

  2. Michael, I’m on unemployment (hey, I could start a business!), but wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with your aunt. And this is an awesome thing for you to do. And I’ll keep buying and enjoying your books.

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