10 thoughts on “Go Estonia!”

  1. Apparently, he was born in Sweden but grew up in New Jersey. He lived in America for about half his life.

    He went to the University of Pennsylvania and then Columbia.

  2. Wasn’t it the president of Latvia who told Jaques Chirac to go stick his head in a bucket? And nobody messes with the Fins twice. Those little Baltic nations can be rather fierce, especially when they are in the right.

  3. Apparently Krugman wrote the whole book without listing any footnotes or endnotes referencing any studies or factual data that support his theories. A ‘take my word for it’ paternalistic attitude that derides any need for factual data to back up the debt spending theories proposed. It is all about spend more to improve the economy. And if it didn’t work, you didn’t spend enough and fast enough. So do it again faster and bigger debts.

    Apparently Krugman got his Nobel from the same folks and for the same reasons as Obama. In other words, “We like what you say. We don’t care if it works. Here’s a medal. (But it doesn’t mean as much as it once did.)”

    But Krugman did dedicate it as a nice sop to his conscience. “To the unemployed, who deserve better.” After all everyone had a job in Estonia under communism.

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