Who wants an MHI Employee Handbook? (feedback for book/RPG)

I’m pleased to annouce that there is going to be a new, special, very different MHI book. I’ve made a deal with a role playing game company (can’t announce who yet) and we’re going to release an MHI RPG.

However, this isn’t going to just be a book for gamers. It is going to be a big, heavy duty, book filled with all sorts of MHI related goodness. Like bits of original fiction, character bios, history, PUFF tables, and a ton of original artwork.

I need to get an approximate headcount of who is interested. There will be more details to come later, but please post in the comments here if this is something that you would like to buy.

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583 thoughts on “Who wants an MHI Employee Handbook? (feedback for book/RPG)”

  1. Yes I would definitely by and MHI Employee handbook and the RPG (even though I’ve never played an rpg before)

  2. The issue isn’t whether I want one but how many. I need one and will get at least one for my MHI addict my brother-in-law.

  3. Too bad you can’t edit typos as the above should read “my brother-in-law and fellow MHI addict.” Ah, well.

  4. I would absolutely buy something like this. It certainly beats my previous plan of reworking the Hero system so that I can run an MHI campaign

  5. I would be in for one, so long as it’s not gold plated and astronomically priced. I know you think this writing thing is a license to print money.

    1. I think if he went with the older D&D rules system (not 4.0) it would be fine. I’m hoping for something more like Pathfinder RPG. I would buy at least 1 just for the extra content and if the system was awesome, I’d make my gaming group convert and try it.

      1. Given the background setting in the novels, I’d recommend one of the Call of Cthulthu variant game systems. And, oh yeah I’d buy it.

  6. I would certainly love some of that action. I’ve been trying to get into a good RPG but my wife refuses to touch D&D. She actually seemed interested in an MHI RPG. Count me in!

    1. Also just realized the RPG and Handbook might be different things, either way I’m game for both

  7. I am interested; I’ve played a variety of RPGs under various rule sets; I’ve also had to construct employee policies concerning HIPAA and computer security. I’d love to help you however I can.

  8. I’d definitely be interested in this, too, and more for reading than playing (though you’ve got me wondering what system the book would be using . . . ).

  9. You going to Kickstart it, like Howard Tayler’s game? Gauge interest, and offer perks like more art, color art, new stories, journals of past hunters, etc? You would get funding up front for your new “art department”. MHI miniatures. MHI dice. Work it.

    1. ditto’d below
      I’m not sure how much time it’d take to create though, I bet Mr. Correia has plenty of obligations with his book contracts.

  10. I would be very interested. Especially if you include bios on monsters and more history about the company.

  11. Yeah, that could be an entertaining read. I can see quotes in the handbook from past hunters about “If you see the EOD tech running, try to keep up”…

    1. M&M (Mutants & Masterminds) 2nd or 3rd editions work well for making Grimnoir-themed characters. At least until Larry gets a Grimnoir RPG book released. =)

  12. Are you kidding me, hell yes I’m interested. As for the RPG part are you guys looking at a D20 system or maybe something like abberant?

  13. I know for sure I would get it, plus at least one more copy for the group I play with. Wish I knew what system though πŸ˜‰

  14. Someone posted about a figures game. I used to play one named MageKnight, with a turnable base. I haven’t played any without the extra base but I’d be game for both!

  15. Oh, heck yeah, and I know a couple of other people who would almost certainly get one.

    (When do the LARP rules come out? πŸ™‚

  16. I would absolutely be interested in 3 of these books one for myself and for two friends that also love your writings.

  17. Do I smell a kickstarter project? πŸ˜€
    Why go only halfway with a book- why not try for a full game set with figs n stuff?
    It would certainly take a lot of effort though- and you may wish to keep it more open, for people to set up their own scenarios and such.
    I’d probably be in, based on price.
    Certainly for the book at a minimum

  18. You know I want one.

    Regarding an MHI RPG, I hope it’s a skill-driven game, not a class and level-driven game (think GURPS, not D&D). I mean, a good GM can make almost any system playable; but that doesn’t mean a lot of them don’t suck Schweddy Balls…

  19. Hell yeah, I’m sure I can get my group of gaming friends to playtest this as well so count me in for at least one, possibly as many as 7 or more.

  20. Heck yes, the bigger the better. The wife paid the $95 for the dictionary sized Warhammer codex, and she likes MHI way more than that.

  21. I would be all over this. I’ve actually been running a RPG for that several months using the world of darkness system. You met my wife at BEA. Thank you for all the books and the poster. The guys were all really excited.

  22. *waves arms wildly in Kermit the frog style* YAAAAAAAYY!!!

    (That means, yes, I’d buy one or more copies)

  23. Are You talking about a pen and paper game or a computer game? Cause a PC game would be awesome. Imma itching to command a force of mercenaries since the days of Jagged Alliance 2. Silent Storms series is more about troops than mercenaries so it’s not the same.

  24. My group and I ran an MHI-style campaign a while back using the D20 Modern rules. One of the things I wished I had available was a PUFF chart since there’s not a whole lot of specifics in the books.

    I’d love to see a ruleset that can be easily adapted back and forth between RPG and tabletop miniatures game. Similar to what Privateer is doing with their upcoming Iron Kingdoms RPG rules, where they’re two different games, but if you learn one, then moving to the other is easy as a lot of the terminology is the same. I really dig squad- or skirmish-sized minis games and I think the MHI canon would adapt well to that game size. I still await some company somewhere to take the concept behind Mordheim/Necromunda, where you have a squad of miniatures who progress in experience, power, and equipment from game to game, and really run with it. I’d love to see that here.

    Also, the hope for an RPG with even vaguely realistic firearms rules has been a fleeting hope of mine for the better part of two decades for me. Don’t let them fuck up the guns, Larry.

  25. Yes. Yes, Yes. Might even be enough to get me playing an RPG instead of just reading the source books…

  26. You can put me down for a autographed copy and everyone in my gming group will want on to so thats 7 more. Also this is now my number 1 Christmas present.

  27. Count me in… MHI handbook would look great on the office bookcase (next to the HR policy manual). I know which one I’d reach first for πŸ™‚

  28. You had me at MHI RPG. That means count me in. This is something I’d love to buy and create a gamers night with my friends. ^_^

  29. Heck, yeah. I would suggest making it compatible with multiple systems, like D&D 3.5, D&D 4.0, GURPS, and Savage Worlds, though it shouldn’t be too hard to plug in the monsters and equipment based on the source material that’s out there already.

  30. Definitely count me in. Whether or not I ever get back into RPing is irrelevant; getting a more in depth view of the world will be excellent.

  31. my friends have been using a modified World of Darkness setting, so this would be most welcome. so at least three sold here.

  32. Of course I want one. Way cool idea. An option for getting a signed copy would be extra coolness piled on top.

  33. I will buy this even if I don’t get to play it. If the system is good I’ll even push it on my friends who still work in the games industry to get it and push it.

    Can I buy it now? Where do I send my money?

  34. It’s one that I’d like to buy, but am unlikely to ever run (even though I’ll borrow bits and pieces of it for other stuff.).
    I tend to buy games like this in .pdf format.

    WW-type dice pools are a deal-breaker, they’re just a horrible, broken, no-good mechanic.
    Level/Class based systems aren’t a whole lot better, and don’t mirror the reality of the setting in any case.
    Something along the lines of the BRP, GURPS, Hero or Fuzion would be best. GURPS or Fuzion would probably the easiest of the mentioned quartet to adapt, just because of scaling issues. (Of course, I’m going to convert it to GURPS, anyway. I’m admittedly a fanboy.)

    1. Now how did I manage to overlook Savage Worlds? That’s a darned good fit.
      Yeah, I’d have to go with Fuzion or Savage Worlds as the best options.
      Followed in declining order by:
      GURPS, which is obviously not going to happen (The company doesn’t license its mechanics to third parties, doesn’t have the resources to throw at another project right now, and already has a “GURPS: Monster Hunters” line.) It has firearm verisimilitude, more options than you can shake a stick at, great resources, defensive rolls, but mechanics that slow down gameplay if you have an inexperienced GM.
      BRP This one could happen. Great resources. A good system (although I don’t like the Sanity Mechanic). The problem I see is power scale. It doesn’t really do “larger than life” action movie stunts all that well.
      Hero. I don’t think there’s much chance of this happening. (But I could be surprised. Kenneth Hite’s “The Day After Ragnarok” set a precedent.) The 12-phase turn would be great for simulating how fricking *fast* some of the monsters in the book are. It’s extremely flexible. The downside is that it would take a large amount of work up-front , and it would overwhelm inexperienced GMs and players.

  35. Yeah, I would love to buy that. If you are taking suggestions, how about some optional rules for the shooting range? Want to know if your character can headshot that zombie? Don’t roll to find out, the player would have to make the shot themselves on the range.

  36. Been a dungeons and dragons player for years, but ive absolutley got to play a mhi rpg, what a great idea Larry, i can play that in between book releases.

  37. Count me in too. And I bet I can guess the company who you’re working with on this project. Palladium Books, the home of the Rifts RPG. Tons of amazing original artwork in thier RPG sourcebooks and rule books is one of their trademarks.

  38. To describe the state of my trousers on reading this would probably be overkill, but suffice to say there is a strong indicator I’m interested. I mean, if nothing else I need to know the local team’s special operating instructions.

  39. I’m in! I haven’t had time to rpg in years (yes, I work way too much) but for something like this I don’t care.

  40. I’m game (pun intended). Congrats on the deal, Larry…and thanks again for the autographed swag!

    Sincerely, one of the “Millersville Mechwarriors”.

  41. I would be interested assuming that it was affordable (e.g., around $20 or less). Really like the books!

  42. Great idea! I’d go for one. Have you spoken with any companies yet about making a line of MHI figures?

  43. Count me in for two: one for me and one to give as a gift. I know someone who’d totally freak to find one in his stocking…

  44. Count me in. Hopefully Savage Worlds or Call of Cthulhu/BRP. (And please stay away from some D&D clone.)

    1. And, yeah, I’ve been running Savage Worlds MHI scenarios pretty much since I first read MHI… it’s too good of a fit.

  45. Well, given that I already have a gaming library that could be used to make a book fort like unto few others….. Count me in.

  46. I have yet to play a tabletop game but this would DEFINITELY be a game I’d play! I would love to have a copy of that book!

  47. GURPS!! GURPS!!! GURPS!!! But we’ll be onboard for a set or two no matter what it is. πŸ™‚ We would also love to see minis and/or other game related ,merchandise.

  48. Of course. We’ve been trying to convert the standard OGL to Monster Hunter stuff for games anyway. πŸ™‚

  49. Absolutely! I am sure my husband has already responded but we will both be seriously looking forward to this! AWESOME!!!

  50. yes and it would be super sweet to do a version of Catan. “trade you 3 newbies for some bullets”

  51. Certainly. Will fourth (fifth? ninety-eighth?) the Kickstarter suggestion, given the fan base…and also <3 the idea of some Day By Day art in there as well.

  52. My friends and I have been running an MHI campaign. We started using D20 Modern and then switched to Savage Worlds. Would definately be down for haveing an official MHI RPG to run.

  53. ME ME ME! I want one, and so does my son.

  54. I’m in. I’ve already gotten my role-playing group hooked on the books, this is just the next step.

  55. Ink me in for one, pencil me in for a second and an e-copy depending on price and my budget.

    1. And there’s an RPG crew that meets at my neighborhood diner once a week… I’ll try to get them hooked on Larrycrack too.

  56. I’d love one! I’ll even pitch into the Kickstart!
    I vote Savage Worlds or Fuzion for the system – anything but D20, please!

  57. I would be in for one

    Also you need to look into a mhi video game for any console hell I would buy that console just to play it if you got one made

  58. I’m in no matter what system it’s for, though I’m gonna go ahead and guess that it’s gonna be GURPS.

  59. I’m in, and probably good for several copies once I get my gaming group interested. Count varies from 4 to 20, depending on the game and the night, so possibly half that number in copies.

    I hope the system is playable, it sounds like you already have something in the works. Worst case, the background material could be `ported over to anything; that part will be GREAT Heck, I’ve already swiped pieces for two different systems.

  60. I’m in for a copy…hell, I just finished putting a folding 8″ bayonet on my…8″ Saiga, so I need something to read now that THAT particular nightmare is sorted out…


  61. I would snatch up two in a heartbeat. I am a huge MHI fan, and have gotten my son hooked as well.

    As for the company, I have my fingers crossed for Green Ronin, though I am biased πŸ™‚

  62. I’d like to buy two. Not even kidding; I have a munchkin in the house now and need one to hide away so it won’t get wiped out in a fit of projectile poopsplosion.

    …don’t ask.

  63. Definately want one. Would buy an additional e-copy if it was available as well. It we are talking about wishes though, I would love a Hard Magic RPG even more than MHI I believe. Steampunk/Dieselpunk is exactly the genre I would love to play at the moment.

  64. Sweetness! I would absolutely love to see this come about.

    I personally would also love a Grimnoire RPG as well as an MHI RPG…

    Looking forward to seeing what sort of PUFF bounties I can wrack up, and I bet you would love to get scans of people’s custom character sheets for a ‘drive’ to get their character in a book (hint hint something fun you could do with it)…

    Just wondering though (and I’m sorry if someone already asked this) but will there be info in the book on making up a PUFF-exempt monster-class Character (IE: Harbinger, Franks, Heather, Stricken) or a not-PUFF-exempt illegal alien (MHI Orc) including a way to balance out their ‘Epic Skill’ (ie: Edward = Blademaster + Lousy Shot / Skippy = Helicoptor God + Bad Driver)? Will there be rules for drawing up a Fae (Doppleganger, Babayaga, etc), or an Old-One powered mage (Martin + Lucinda Hood, etc)?

    I know that this is the MHI Handbook, so I could understand it not coming with rules for MCB or STFU character creation (Books sold separately, like all the other D&D style games?) but would absolutely love it if they did though.

    I love all the books (Legion eARC was FANTASTIC!) and would definitely buy this in hard cover and in ebook form (ebook form so that we could print out character sheets, and we could pass around a netbook easier than the big book).

    Thank you again for your fantastic effort and wondrous skill at writing, and I hope Management will be seen in future books… He and Owen still have much to discuss after all.

  65. I will buy it when it becomes available. More MHI awesomeness is always to be cheered (and bought). Only hope that if you did sign with Wizards of the Coast, you’ll keep them straight, as they really managed to fuck-up with D&D 4th edition.

  66. Hi, long term lurker here who has read everyone of your books (each one twice) and who has a signed MHL on pre-order. Yeah I want the handbook too.

  67. I’d buy it, and if we’re going to play the guess the company, I’ll go with it being a GURPS product from Steve Jackson Games

  68. I’d be interested in a Correia-approved weapons table of the kind that RPG books inevitably have, and which in almost all RPGs bear no resemblance whatsoever to reality.

  69. Yes, but from my local bookstore.

    Has anyone thought that such a book would be a concordance for fan-fiction in the Monster Realm, by which to keep assorted contributions more pr less consistent with each other?

  70. I’d love to have one as well.

    Seriously Larry, at the rate you put out stuff I want to buy it might be easier to set up a direct draft to you out of my bank account.

  71. How many times can i say yes to make it work!? I have been wanting to run an MHI campaign since i started GMing three years ago. And was wondering how i was going to get it to work with the GURPS system.

  72. Larry I need 5 coies. But this really should be a book that Tony publishes. What I want is The rule, and then what Owen tells the new recruits is the reason for the rule. You know, the anecdotes about the employee screw up that brought this rule into existence.

  73. I’m in for one without a doubt. As long as you include a part about why MHI doesn’t approve of H and K firearms.

  74. Have really enjoyed your novels, especially MHI. Would definitely consider buying even though I am not participating in RPGs.

  75. I’m a big fan of both monster hunting and universe expansion. No idea if it would get much/any use as an RPG sourcebook, since my group tends to have plenty of game system inertia, but that hasn’t stopped me before when I like a setting anyway. Count me in!

  76. Haven’t had a chance to play any in-person RPGs in years, but would still love a copy of the book. Since you’re over 400 replies so far I’m hoping this means “response positive” πŸ˜‰

  77. I would love one since i’m an avid table top pen-n-paper rpg’er…I would definitely try to get some people to play this…the supernatural and guns…lots of guns…who doesn’t love that?!

  78. YES!!!!!! please shut up and take my money! just use the debit card and take whatever you think is fair.

  79. I would love to have a MHI RPG. I’ve always liked Call of Cthulu RPG, but wished it was a bit more explodey. This should fit the bill nicely…

  80. Tentatively very interested but I’d like to see the product first. I’ve bought too many spin-off RPGs from super-cool series only to realize the gaming system behind it isn’t playable or is laughably simple, a la a board game. Even the spin-offs that are adapted onto an existing system (as some have commented on above) often don’t work well because e.g. the “world” has firearms and the system doesn’t handle them right, etc. My other reservation is that the spin-off games usually are super expensive. I’d like to buy Glen Cook’s Black Company RPG, for example, but the one book is about fifty bucks and I ain’t got that much kicking around for yet another RPG.

    If you need any play-testing, I’ve got a group rarin’ to give it a whirl πŸ™‚

    And for heck’s sake, why aren’t you a guest at Dragon*Con 2012?

  81. There is a company by the name of Drive Thru RPG ( http://www.drivethrurpg.com ) who can not only offer PDF distribution, but also have a Print-on-Demand service as well so that you don’t have to worry about warehousing, or shipping either.
    White Wolf Game Studios has been using them exclusively (well, everything but Prestige books that they can’t bind) for their books, physical and PDFs these days. Plus, it means that each book that comes off the line is made for each order and from what I’ve seen the product is pretty good too. πŸ™‚ (Maximum full-color book is about 450 pages, but b/w can be up to 530 pages.)

    Will you be making an announcement at Gen Con? πŸ˜‰

  82. Definitely if it were available in PDF. Possibly a hard copy, possibly not. What I’d really prefer is mobipocket or epub, but nobody does gaming books in non-PDF electronic format….

  83. I’m very interested in this. A couple of us have discussed using GURPS or another system to run an MHI campaign once our current game wraps up. Good to hear that we may not have to go home brew.

  84. wow. 480 replies so far… thats better than shadowrun print run these days.

    Id buy that, for the expanded universe info and fun factor more than the rpg though. You could probably market the exact same material without the rpg dice/rules/stories as a standalone as well for fans.

    Also, accounting for dummies, MHI addition πŸ˜‰

  85. There are not enough expletives in the English language to explain my enthusiasm. I may literally die of joy.

  86. I’d get the book for sure. My friends and I are already running a MHI based role playing game and an official resource like this would be awesome.

  87. Greetings from Malaysia. Me and my buddies would love a MHI RPG. In fact, we kinda ran a campaign based on MHI (and the old Bureau 13 series) using Shadowrun 3rd Ed rules minus the cyberware (well, some of the cyberware).

  88. O dear god yes yes yes. I have a roleplay group and run a MHI RP, ( we use the d6 system from the dragon age roleplaying game, its brutal and fast pased, just like Monster Hunter should be.

  89. Whether it be an employee handbook, rpg, or both, they would all be welcome. Maybe throw in a little dead six.

  90. Yes, please! My group has already been talking about trying to make something up using the Hero System, but a real book would be full of awesome. Anything MHI would be full of awesome, really. πŸ™‚

  91. Just found the series not to long ago, I’m not even finished with the first book yet. But I am an avid table top gamer, and even though I’ve just started, I’ve love the series. I think it’d be awesome to have an MHI RPG

  92. While I have great respect for you, and your work, if you do not produce this product, I will hunt you down at a convention, and whine/beg/plead/hump your leg until you do so.

    Conversely, if you do produce this game, I will politely ship you the beverage of your choice, and buy a -second- copy of everything you’ve written, within the limits of my budget, and, should we ever meet, do nothing but give you a polite nod and a smile, with perhaps a handshake if you so choose.

  93. I am definitely interested and have a friend that owns a game store that may be interested in caring it as well.

  94. Larry, you’re really killing my chances of paying off my mortgage early. I now have a dedicated “Correia” shelf in the home library….

    Count me in for 2 of these please. Let me know where to send the money

  95. YES YES YES! Just don’t make me wait too long. I was actualy going to free form this as an RPG but this is even better. *shut up and take my money!”

  96. I think that an emphatic YES should suffice. I hope that the game company is Green Ronin, but that is simply personal preference for the gaming system. I would purchase it regardless of the system.

  97. I would buy 4 copies. We are big monster hunter int fans. One copy for me my wife and son and one just to keep in our collection. We three all have read and talked about your books they are awesome.

  98. I would be interested, and I know my husband and his best friend would be, too. We are all avid readers of yours, and we love your work, and your world!

  99. May I suggest the Spycraft RPG by Crafty Games (www.crafty-games.com)? Mostly ’cause I feel those guys need some love. And ’cause I have the books for 2.0 already…

  100. I dont know about playing a game with it… However reading all the cool info about MHI would be money well spent. Anything to read before next MHI book.

  101. I’m in for an ebook version. Since moving to ebooks I find traditional books annoying the in the maintenance department (dusting, space requirements). Perhaps a PDF? Or even a CBR?

  102. I’m in for an e-book version, because I reference my RPG books so much that I wear them out, but if there’s signed hardback version, I’ll buy one of those too and bequeath it to my grandchildren along with the family Bible and illustrated Hobbit plus Lord of the Rings plus Silmarillion set and the trust full of guns and NFA items.

  103. I know next to nothing about and have absolutely zero experience playing RPGs, but I would love to give an MHI RPG a try. Especially since I can think of several buddies who might enjoy it.

  104. It’s been 10 years since I rolled the dice, but if there was an MHI game I’d geek out with the best of them! Consider mine already ordered!

  105. Count me in. Format as 81/2X11 three-ring binder complete with read and sign form? .PDF will do, too.

  106. So larry, i got a question… i my self have been Home brewing a monster hunter RPG ( any one who would like to take a look at the rules email me at g34r_b0x@yahoo.com ) would there be magic, you allways hint at black voodoo and how its illigal and what not, but what if some one that did practice magic became a hunter, … will we see something like that in this book or not … ps Im buy three copies of this game… and geting my local game store to order some the second this hits market >.< cant wait

  107. I’d love an e-version. I’m not much of an RPG-kinda-gal (unless you’re talking rocket-propelled grenades, then I’m all in), but I’d love to read it.

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