I forgot how fun this story was

I’m working on the third Grimnoir novel, Warbound, so that means I need to go back and read through the previous stuff. That included the short story, Detroit Christmas. http://www.baen.com/DetroitChristmas.asp

I forgot how fun this little detective story was to write. It is Jake Sullivan PI, and my chance to play Raymond Chandler, only with more magic and demons, and it is free over on the Baen website if you haven’t seen it yet.

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The Burning Throne, Episode 29: B Team Night

13 thoughts on “I forgot how fun this story was”

  1. Dear Mr. Correia:

    I am very much looking forward to the 3rd full installment to the Gremnoir saga. It is really the best you do. Although I just purchased the eARC Monster Hunter Legion. So really your stuff is the most readable for fun Sci Fi in print. Also I just bought a STI 9mm race competition pistol. Steel Master. Things just could not get better.

  2. I read the short story before reading the novels and it left me really unsure about the novels. As you said, this is a private eye story, and I think it’s all from Sully’s point of view. As I read it I kept thinking “it ought to be first person, it ought to be first person”. After reading Hard Magic I can see you took more of the Doc Savage type pulp approach, so needs to be third person, and thus the short story must be third person, but I still think the short story would have been better first person.

  3. I just finished re-reading this story last week after downloading it (along with a bunch of other free short stories) from the Baen website. I actually kind of like it better than the full blown novels.

  4. I just saw you quote on twitter i guess i will just have to differ on politics and carry on enjoying your books. Just off to Baen for your new one thanks for all the pleasure you have given me, when pain becomes simple pleasures like a great book helps far more than you will ever i pray have to know.

    1. err don’t type on morphine folks 😉 I meant to say when my pain becomes to much… (Yes it’s legal, no not a druggie)

  5. Thank you for remembering about the Jewish crime gangs. Too many people think organized crime began with Capone, or maybe the Corleones…

  6. I really like that the Grimnoir stuff is so dramatically different from everything happening in the Monster Hunter novels. I bet you have some really confusing dreams though 😉

  7. How do you feel Mr Corriea about the recent Zombie attack down in Southern Florida. And the Poor training the police receieved in dealing with the now apparent impending zombie outbreak?

  8. I really like the MHI universe, but a new instalment of GCs has me drooling like a fat kid with cookies in the oven. Write fast please.

  9. love the Grimnoir series, its beautiful and original work because it is like a fresh breeze. please go deeper with different types of Abilities and characters, dont go all bloodshed on this third one:) cant wait!
    and of course the short story rocks!

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