The Monster Hunters omnibus hardcover coming this month

The Monster Hunters hardcover edition of my first 3 novels is coming out at the end of May.

You can get autographed copies from Uncle Hugos.

If your original paperbacks are beat to death, or you want the perfect big loaner copy, or you just want a pretty one for your shelf, this is the edition for you. It is Monster Hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta, and Monster Hunter Alpha all in one volume. That is 500,000 words of monster face shooting explodey goodness.  That is the size of a Brandon Sanderson novel. That’s 1,200 pages of Owen and the gang killing stuff, like with a bonus novel of Earl killing stuff!

My gunsmith is writing a zombie novel
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19 thoughts on “The Monster Hunters omnibus hardcover coming this month”

  1. Is that Julie? WTF happened to her armor?

    Just kidding, I know what happened to it. And I know you have no control over the covers and I know Baen has an interest in having the artwork be similar across their catalog, but I still think the bloody patch closeup was the best cover . . . and they did that with Dead Six, after all. OK; lunch hour and rant are coming to an end now.

  2. I love your monster hunter books. I listened to my first one because I got it on sale from I am now addicted. Thank you, you rock.

  3. Agreed with Cathy. For a guy that did a web interview citing irritating things about firearms, you let Baen get away with murder on your covers. If they wanted to have Julie sex it up then perhaps depict her with the librarian glasses in a business suit with a smoking 1911 behind a writing desk. Maybe Owen in full armor hulking behind her with Abomination, a bloddy monster head on the desk. She looks like a pseudo-dominatrix stripper firing celebratory… somethings terrorist style in the air.

    I will still buy it though.

    1. Hey, man. Newsflash. Authors don’t let their publishers “get away with” anything. The publisher signs the checks. They do whatever they want for the cover. The purpose of the cover is to get people to pick up the book and look at it in a store long enough to read the back cover blurb. Apparently that is working, ergo, I shut up, leave the art direction to the art directors, cash my royalty checks, and write more books.

      1. Now, now. We KNOW that can’t POSSIBLY be accurate – you’ve only told us that EVERY SINGLE TIME a book comes out. I’m CONVINCED that this is just another BIG LIE from the MOLE PEOPLE who are CONTROLLING our… oh, wait.

        Err, sorry about that. My Tin-Foil-Beanie slipped. That ComBatWomBat logo on it makes it a bit lopsided. (BigGrin)

      2. I completely understand why the cover is the publishers domain, but I wish they would match the book better. The only thing I don’t like with Baen is their cover / art department.
        Other publisher do really great covers, for example David Weber’s Safehold series of books via TOR have really great looking covers that match the book. I don’t know why TOR does it’s book covers better / more accurate (IMO) but I wish Baen would do the same thing.

  4. Larry, I know(knew?) even without the above posts that you don’t have any control over your covers, but couldn’t you send the artist pictures of weapons? The AR in the foreground looks like the mag is in backwards.
    Since Baen is big on action/military I really expect more from them.

    I read your books as soon as I can get them. Earcs mostly. Thanks for writing. And thanks Mike for me. Was “A plan is a list of things that don’t happen after the first shot is fired” yours or Mike’s? Love it!

    1. Yeah, that AR mag looks like M. C. Escher painted the damn thing.

      Honestly, the cover of books mean very little to me these days. Since there’s no big bookstore in my town (no doubt Oregon is beaming with pride over the literacy of its capitol these days) I go onto Amazon for most of my book shopping.

      1. I know him too, the guy’s a buck twenty soaking wet 🙂 I was mostly talking about the face and haircut. Did a double take the first time I saw this cover.

  5. Awesome!!

    I’ll have to squirrel away some cash and hit the book store at the end of the month.

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