And knowing is half the battle…

I haven’t always been a novelist. I was once an accountant…


You can read about my adventures in GI Joe issue 12. In stores now.

You guys should all totally go buy this. Because A. Chuck Dixon wrote it, and Chuck is awesome. B. I’m in it. C. Make it the best selling issue ever and maybe the guys that run IDW will decide to make a Monster Hunter comic. 🙂

And now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.


A link for buying GI Joe comics with me in them
Preorders for Signed MHL and The Monster Hunters omnibus

37 thoughts on “And knowing is half the battle…”

  1. I should tell IDW I’d be happy to adapt your books into minis.

    Chuck’s too busy! TOO BUSY!

    lol. Seriously, though, all practical matters aside, on the subject of MHI comics… as an author, what would be the way you’d most prefer to see them approached?

    Straight up adaptations of the novels?

    “Non-canon” adventures that you just glance at?

    Stories where you give a general direction?

    Heavier involvement: your plots/others’ scripts?

    Co-writing something you’d consider canon to the lives of the characters?

    Or perhaps: same universe, but different characters being focused on?

    Many of the above have been gone with by authors whose work has been translated to comics, just wondered if you had any idle speculation as to which route(s) you’d take.

    1. Eric, oh man. I would love to do any of those things. 😀 I think a straight up adaptation would be the way to start, and then take it out to other adventures. How much would I be involved? No idea, having never written a comic book I don’t know how badly I would suck at it.

      And so the rest of you guys know, Eric here is also a professional comic book writer, who is currently doing Ghostbusters for IDW.

      1. The books are SO dense it’d be a real job choosing the stuff to cut out for any adaptation, I’ll tell ya! (;

        As far as writing comics… it’s a different mindset, to be sure, but oh o fun…

    1. Why not? They made some Anita Blake comics for a few of the first novels. MHI lends itself to the comic and graphic novel world much better, because it’s not going to end up in the adult section, unless some silly place like California categorizes violence as adult. The Eurowusses often do, so I wouldn’t be surprised at anything California does.
      MHI graphic novels in the “Sin City” style would rock. My personal opinion. Or an on-going series of the novels. The good thing for Larry is it’s another revenue stream. People don’t make a lot writing, it’s a labor of love.

  2. I haven’t bought a mind softening mag in years, and then you come along and dangle that Classic American Mind Rot in front in me.
    Shame on you Larry promoting the decline of fine literature in trade for this obvious gutter class literature.
    Where do I get my copies ? 😉

  3. Naw they need Gainax to do a full anime. Maybe Geneon. Or the Crew that does Durarara!!!

    and Queenie Chan or Kouta Hirano to do the Manga.

    Imagines Julie Shackleford, Holly, And, Tanya the Elf Mangafied. (FAN SERVICE OPPORTUNITY!)

    Sees a marketing opportunity for plushie CHIBI versions of Werewolf Form Earl Harbringer.


      1. Otaku IS a complient to other Otaku.
        NERD POWER!
        Geek POWER!
        Remember Nerds geeks and thier variants rule the world. We can prove it too… We can take away your email.

        1. Uh, old school hackers can make you not exist electronically. Or get electronic warrants issued for you to get picked up by the Feds and flown to Gitmo, and then the warrants, and you, disappear. Email is the least of your worries.
          Yeah, geeks rule. If the politicians understood that, they’d have us all rigged with explosive chips, anti-tamper mechanisms and constant surveillance.

  4. and yes they are wearing the Paratroopers badge and riflemanship badge and name tag on the wrong side

    The “tower of power” resides on the right side sleeve and would have

    the Airborne tab on the bottom rangers tab in the middle and the SF tab on top.

    1. Thanks for the corrections. I knew for sure the parachute and marksmanship badges were on the wrong side, and knew the “Tower” was someplace else. I was never a jumper. We were just ready to create giant parking lots on demand, 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.

      1. I wasn’t any of those special guys in the Army either. You should be terrified that the army saw fit to even try to train me. Teaching me to soldier was on par with teaching a pig to sing.

        1. No, the Soviet Union was so scared after Reagan had me as an officer, and then a defense contractor helping the military, they just quit. The stress of knowing people like me would use biowar, nukes or MEMS on them for fun and country was too much to bear.

  5. I like how the Joes wear 1960s Army OD green uniforms. Much better looking than ACUs.

    (I’m sure Multicam is hard to draw.)

    1. The AF had those sucky green fatigues for years after every one else. They were ugly, and uncomfortable. The newer BDUs, ACUs, digicam, etc, are muc more comfortable. They weren’t made to be easy to draw.

      1. I wear the ABUs every day. If you think they’re comfortable you’ve never worn them when it’s about seventy degrees.

        They weren’t made to be easy to draw. They weren’t made to be camouflage, either. It’s fashion-flage, just like the ACU pattern and the Navy’s new blue digis. The whole thing is ridiculous.

        Honestly, very few people in the Air Force need a camouflage uniform. Even if you deploy.

        1. You are right, Nightcrawler, I’ve not worn the new AF issue BDU copy. I did get to wear some older style BDUs I bought as new from a GI supplier years ago, that had IR suppression. They are old and ratty now, after years of use.
          I will tell you, honest to , the NORAD commander in the late 80s had the ops crews wearing special blue flight suits to make them feel like special war fighters. Honest. The women hated them, because they had to damn near strip to go to the bathroom. And it didn’t enhance their ability to provide the data to the ground people at all.
          What are a good set of camo to buy and wear now? For my personal use, I need mountain/semi-arid desert plateau [Colorado and Colorado mountains] for spring/summer/fall, and winter white for winter. IR suppression would be nice, but is not a hard requirement except for winter.
          That’s probably why yours are so hot at 70 F – the IR suppression doesn’t dissipate heat well. Why the AF needs them, not sure. They should wear what the line troops wear when deployed.
          You are an enemy sniper – are you going to shoot the guy with the different uniform. laser pointer and sat phone, or some Lt or Captain? That’s easy, even for a Jihadi. The guy with the phone can put a lot of hurt on your buddies. You can always shift aim. And he’s probably not got body armor, anyway.
          I’d value the recommendations of any one on the list who’s been there and done that. I always wore regular light blue shirt, sometimes with sweater, and dark blue slacks on active duty. Ops centers are always freezing because of the cooling systems. Later, civilian business casual.
          I use mine for hunting and for the just in case I need them scenarios. Any joker who suggests a blue beret like the UN will be sacrificed to Cthulhu.
          If there are any that fit women well, that would be very valuable information, as I have a number of them to protect and hunt with …
          Thanks in Advance.

  6. Agrees with Nightcrawler Digital chips would be a real PITA to draw. even with photo shop assistance.

  7. I would’nt be at all surprised if sometime in the near future Larry you get a call to do a MHI comic and or graphic novel. And for the record
    I don’t think you’d suck at it either.

  8. AND he’s here to stay! Spreadsheet plays (no joke!) a big part in upcoming events and the changing status quo for the Joes.

    1. Chuck,

      Do you realize how hard you are making my life as the guy sharing an office with Larry?

      Every argument now ends, “Dammit, Steve! I’m a G.I. Joe! Your argument is invalid!”


    2. Larry, is there a more obvious sign that you have arrived than having Chuck freaking Dixon make a G.I. Joe character of you? The guy who is probably most responsible for my image of The Punisher and who wrote The ‘Nam? What’s next? Having Roy Thomas write you into a Conan storyline?

      Lucky bastard.

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