Preorders for Signed MHL and The Monster Hunters omnibus

Uncle Hugo’s has their preorders up for the autographed special editions of Monster Hunter Legion and the The Monster Hunters jumbo omnibus hardcover.

And if you want to get an idea of how much I love you guys, I autographed all of these pages. They were then bound into the special edition books. However, this is all that there are going to be world wide, so if you want some, snag them fast.

And knowing is half the battle...
Book Signing this Saturday

12 thoughts on “Preorders for Signed MHL and The Monster Hunters omnibus”

  1. I find the URL funny… “Ah, Correia Larry…”

    I pre-bought, and Larry you should be proud or scared… I never pre-buy ANYTHING.

  2. Preordered a set.

    This is my first new paper book purchase and only second paper purchase at all since getting a Kindle in 2009.

  3. Ordered two (as usual). Now, that’s an awesome way of doing it. I’m sure it’s better than shipping a bunch of books all over the place and I like that better than the bookplates. That’s using your noggin, Larry.

  4. Looking at that stack of pages….Holy carpal tunnel Batman! Bet that pen was smokin’ when you were finished.

  5. Is the book supposed to be hardcover + $25.00? I thought monster hunter legion would be another paperback at about the same price as the others…

  6. Hi Larry. My wife Melody works with Owen C. He got one of her books signed by you at the shot show last year and is anxious to get the new one.

  7. Awesome! I’ve been hoping the first three MH books would come out eventually in hardcover. Ordered signed copies of both from Hugo. Can’t wait to read Legion!

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