Unleashing the Power of the Internet to get Mike Kupari a Job.

As many of you know, Mike Kupari is my co-author on the Dead Six series, and just got back from a deployment to Afghanistan. He’s got another month of active duty, and then he’ll just be in the guard.

Which means that now Mike needs a job.

I was eating lunch with him today and this topic came up. He’s been looking, but hasn’t had any luck yet. He’s got a lot of really cool skills, but there are only so many times a day when a local business needs to defuse an improvised bomb.  So I offered to use my blog to help him shake the trees.

So if you know of any job openings at your workplace, please post in the comments. Mike will be reading them and will respond to you directly.

Now let me tell you about Mike. If you look at his resume, he’s done military (Army Engineer), military contracting (in Qatar), security guarding, and then back to the military (Air Force EOD). However he really doesn’t want to go back to being a security guard. He’s got 3 years of college, but didn’t finish because he went off to do the contracting thing.

He worked for me back when I was in the gun business, and I can say with all honesty that he is a really good salesman. He’s excellent with people and far more patient than I am. I used Mike as one of my assistant instructors any time I could, just because he was so good at dealing with people and excellent and training and answering questions. He’s got excellent written communications skills. Heck, the dude’s written a book good enough to get picked up by a national publishing house.

Mike is currently a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. He’s an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, which means the robot-driving, bomb-suit-wearing, balls-of-steel, go down and mess around with the murder-bombs guys. Like I said, this is not a skill set that sees a whole lot of use in the civilian world. But think of it this way, when you ask during the interview about how the candidate deals with stressful situations, Mike’s definition of what constitutes stressful will be a bit more refined than the other candidates. “Oh, no. I got the TPS reports filed in the wrong order! The boss will be upset!” vs. “If I don’t play this game of high speed death chess against the Taliban exactly right, then they’ll have to scrape up my remains with a spatula.”

I am one of his references. Personally, I would trust Mike with my life. He’s like an uncle to my kids.

So if you know of anybody looking to hire right now, and you want a smart guy, who is good with people, and can handle pressure, do me a favor and post in the comments.

EDIT: Forgot to add, Mike currently lives in Utah near Hill AFB.

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  1. It might help to know what part of the country he’s in. Regardless, Cheaper Than Dirt! is usually looking for Product Experts, and it sounds like Mike would fit right it.

  2. Is Mike thinking he could live in MA? Would not seem likely w his remaining NG commitment but if he is then my company has hired those w eid experience before n they have worked well.
    If this sounds possible drop me a line n I will see
    what I can do.
    On another great note my son just left the gateway to
    hell manas krygizistan n is enroute home after a year away. He is a 11b sergeant.

  3. Does he have any programming experience? I know we are looking for at least 2 (possibly more) C# programmers.

  4. I work at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems. There are a lot of different military related systems that someone with his experience could be qualified for. Your military experience also stacks with college time to determine eligibility for engineering positions so not having a degree is not an issue.

    I would need a copy of his resume to submit to the internal recruiter (cause I want that sweet referral bonus, I am an anarcho-capitalist Libertarian after all =P).

  5. Wherever he wants to settle down, he needs to get registered with Orion International and Bradley Morris Inc. They are both good “headhunters”, and will get him past the initial hurdle and into face-to-face interviews within a month or two. He should get registered with them NOW. They don’t cost anything, they get their payout from the hiring company. I hit them regularly looking for new hires.

    Also, he needs to check the Siemens USA website and see what they have in his area.
    You have my email, I’d appreciate a copy of his resume if I can get one.

  6. Thanks to Larry for the shout-out.

    I’m in the Reserve, not the Air Guard. Which is good because they just disbanded the entire Air Guard EOD program in light of upcoming budget cuts.

    Leaving Utah right now is possible, but not preferred and would be problematic. I could see living in Arizona or even Nevada. I appreciate the help and the offers, but me living in California or anywhere back east is pretty much not going to happen.

    Also, I have no programming or IT experience, unfortunately.

    1. Hey Mike Colorado Springs has 4 military bases and I could put you up until you find a place of your own. Right now I have a complete basement 2 BD and 1 BA unused.
      Tom Monaghan a Baen Barfly.

  7. Larry,

    With your permission, I’ll link to this on the Bar when I get home. ISTR there are more than a couple ‘flies in Utah that might be able to help out.


  8. He should see if Hill AFB needs an EOD person in their fire unit – that is highly specialized. That is where he should focus is his skill, either in Fire/EMT or LEO. He might try the FBI, SS, CIA, NSA, Army Corps of Engineers. They will require a move, though the NSA is building that big honking facility in Utah near Bluffsdale, they probably need EXO during construction, and will need EOD after in the security unit
    But defense and defense contractors are taking a 10% across the board cut.
    The mining industry can use EOD people in Utah, Nevada, Colorado.
    Get some job, go to night school and get an IT certification in Cisco Networking. A CCNA can always find work. If that is what you want to do. It’s a lot safer than EOD, but pays a lot less.
    The other thing to train in with limited time is PCI DSS compliance & audit. If he can do 75% travel, there are firms that will hire him if he has studied that area. HIPAA – SLC and all Utah medical centers need audit and compliance for that, certification will help. You should have my email in your DB, I can help with the organizations. As a returning veteran, there may be scholarships from some of these organizations for training.
    There may be training dollars from the state of Utah. I do not know, but ask.
    There is a vast amount of self training material on the net, but I don’t see self discipline to study as a problem. Good luck.
    I can not recommend Colorado Springs for any kind of job. Unfortunately, too many jobs are in un-states such as Cali, NJ, Mass, WI, MN. And telling them you aren’t moving, because your gun collection is illegal in those states has sent some recruiters off shrieking in fear. Or that their offers of $30/hour no benefits in NJ are not an offer, they are an insult. I know I’ve burned some bridges with some recruiters, but they can go back to Mumbai.
    NYC govt will make all kinds of offers, but they won’t pay enough. The cost of living there is insane.
    Utah, the SLC or Provo are, have to have more jobs than COS. Yeah, we have a lot of bases, but they are taking 10% or more cuts. Schreiver lost 78 out 138 on one contract. Ft. Carson has the 10th Special Forces, so they may do their own EOD.
    Good luck, KEEP WRITING. This economy is horrid.

  9. Mike, I can guarantee an interview for a mining position with a great company that I am part of only 3 hours away from you. We have people that commute to SLC as well as Idaho, Montana, California, Arizona, etc. Most prefer to live where we are at, but I mention the commuters so that you know it is doable.

    The jobs that I am thinking you are qualified for would use more of your leadership skills rather than the EOD, firearms, etc. But, we just hired a person similar to you that is in the NV National Guard and you share some of the same qualifications. One bonus for you is that if you were hired and to gain experience in the job that I am thinking of, it would be experience that would be transferable to something that Rio Tinto has going on right outside of SLC. Anyways, if you are interested drop me a line and we can talk.


    1. Rygoth,
      Just make sure Mike has time to write more Dead Six books.

      This just tells me a lot about people who read Mike C.s’ books specifically, and Baen book readers, in a general way.
      Decent people. A hand up, not a handout. I won’t say conservative, pragmatic people with compassion for those who need it, and ruthless to our enemies.

      I can’t think of a better bunch with whom to be associated.

    2. Mike, I will be in SLC this weekend with my family. If you had any questions it might be possible to meet up.

  10. I’m willing to build IEDs to drum up business, but I’m gonna need at least time and materials…


    Don’t forget to check for opportunities up here on the Last Frontier for state and Fed jobs, including active Guard. Alaska is a nice place to live.

  11. I am an online broker for essential services such as energy, internet, cell phones, tv, home phones, etc. I could get him more information if he’s interested. Doesn’t matter if he’s in UT, AZ, or anywhere.

  12. Larry,

    Does he have a four year degree of any kind?

    The FAA is hiring ATCs and the base requirements are a four year degree and under 35. They also have a significant military preference.

    With out the degree, there is Tech Ops, a tech job (what I do) All the jobs are at this site.

    Information here,



    tech ops (mine) is


    One of the ATC jobs


    The “evil” Fed,

    ps. I have an accounting question about generating 1099s for when you have time for it.

  13. If he’s willing to move, Amazon’s hiring for a wide variety of positions.

    If he’s interested, have him send a resume my way (work email in comment details).

  14. Have him check with Mastec/NSORO Communications I started working for them when I got out. They understand that there’s not a high demand for operators/ trigger puller’s. There are opportunities in just about every field you can think of also you can work anywhere coast to coast or abroad. The pay is very good and thats before the benefits and perdeim.

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