12 thoughts on “Dead Six gets some love from the Air Force”

  1. In the UK and that link doesn’t work for me, when I go to the 419th fighter wing website any attempt to search results in a 404
    I’m just going to assume they love you

    1. We use standard internet over here. There are often incompatibilities with Europe’s metric internet. The British use a mixed, imperial/metric system that causes issues like yours. Contact your ISP and tell them to send you an adapter.

      1. Cheers for explaining the difference in internet systems, I never understood why you couldn’t have your web pages in feet and inches.
        And here was me assuming it was just some ferociously paranoid web master blocking IPs external to the states or some such idiocy.

  2. Why do publishers even put deadlines on an unpredictable creative process? I guess it makes people without talent feel like they can have control over those that do. Anyway, I’m pretty cheap and very seldom buy hardcover books. For MHL, I’ll make an exception.

    1. Deadlines are part are part of the business and a good thing. A deadline means that I’ve got fans clamoring for another book and my publisher wants to give me money. Meeing deadlines is what seperates the professionals from the “artists”. I’d rather be a pro and get paid. 🙂

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