Monster Hunter Legion is in the bag

You guys may have noticed that I’ve been blogging less lately. (the Friday serial fiction is all stuff written a while ago by different people). That’s because I have been up against a deadline. MHL was supposed to have been done at the end of January. However having a baby, and then having a new baby in the house meant that I got done 6 weeks late. In my defense the rough draft was almost done on time. This was after I did an editing pass. But as of last night, after spending 26 hours editing over Saturday and Sunday, MHL is pretty much wrapped up. There may still be some changes, but I’m not envisioning anything big.

So 6 weeks late. That’s darn near early.

So up next I need to hurry and finish a short story for the Crimson Pact 3 anthology. If you’ve not read the others, the short that I have in #2 is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written, mostly because the narrator has a terminal case of does not give a damn.

Then it is on to the collaboration with John Ringo. I’m really looking forward to working on that.

At the same time, Mike Kupari is back from Afghanistan, so we’ll be doing the sequel to Dead Six. My half of that is probably 90% done.

The best part about finishing a book is that you get to go start the next one.


Dead Six gets some love from the Air Force
The Burning Throne, Episode 18: Child of a Thousand Generations

38 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Legion is in the bag”

  1. Glad the MHL is wrapped. While I am very excited about the MHL, D6, and the Ringo collab the Crimson Pact story left me wanting MORE, NOW!

  2. Please tell us you’ve got a lot more stories competing for the path from your brain to your fingertips… I’ve loved _everything_ so far, and I think you’re only the second author I’ve ever said that about (Lois was the first, but for her it was qualified ’cause I didn’t like Spirit Ring).

    1. They are in there. I got the top 3 in, and then another 3 or 4 that I just liked for whatever reason.

      1. Do we have to wait until MHL hits bookshelves to find out who the winners are? I assume that winners already know, but I’d like to check them out in the archive here to see who won.

  3. Sweet. I’ll start saving my pennies now.

    …On another note, I just finished Dan Wells’ “Partials” last night. ‘Twas a worthy target for a Correia book bomb, indeed. Looking forward to the sequel to that book as well…

    1. Six weeks late? Six weeks late?!
      You are the great ‘Correia’!
      To them, you should be six weeks early.
      Not like they don’t have this badarse program that edits it all in like two minutes or something and then spits out a report.
      Then someone does the alpha and beta readings and then the final readings, then press a few more buttoms and a big mega machine to print, bind, and cover the thing, and push out a few million for us starving fans.

      I know its simplified, but at least it covers a few steps.
      They are lucky to have you, Larry. And so are we the fans.

      1. Edit: (Insert facepalm here…) Ok it is BUTTONS not BOTTOMS….not that there is much difference in that cutthroat business…heh heh…

    1. Dude, there are more in the works….but we can handle only so much of the awesome sauce known as “Larry ‘f.’ Correia NYTBSA”.
      So patience young padiwan, Come with time things that are awesome be.


  4. Dang. Now I have to save up for another Correia triple-play over the next several months;
    1. Buy the e-arc version (June?)
    2. Buy the Audiobook (Oliver Wyman narrating again? Sweet!) version
    3. Buy the Kindle version



  5. Larry, it’s about time! I’ve read everything else you’ve written and need something on the nightstand RIGHT NOW! Gimme, gimme, gimme! After all, this is the land of instant gratification.

    BTW, do you remember what you said to me the first time we met in FBMG? I’ll give you a hint, it was “Hi, how can I help you?”

    Good job, look forward to the next read. Keep up the good work.

  6. The best part about finishing a book is that you get to go start the next one.

    Funny, I feel the same way. But I find I read them rather faster than you writers write them.

  7. OK, guys, I’m gonna do you a favor. As a perk of my job with the Utah Department of Sanitation, I actually found obtained some genuine handwritten Larry Correia notes for his collaboration with John Ringo. All I’ve been able to make out from under the pizza stains so far is… “I leveled Abomination, which operated on a very different concept from the SheVa weapon system, whose massive cannon utilized the Bull multi-chamber principle to launch a round that was essentially a self-contained ballistic missile in its own right…”

    This is repeated several times on the one page. I don’t know why.

  8. Don’t know if I mentioned it before. Agent Franks first name would be “Adam” if Ms. Shelley was telling the truth. “Frankenstein’s Monster” was never called “Frankenstein”. That was the name of the guy who made him.

    The guy who made him named him “Adam”.

    Therefore: “Agent Adam Franks”

  9. A Ringo collaboration? The possibilities are endless (as are the anticipated gruesome deaths). Ghost teams up with Earl? Posleen zombies? Ghost vs Dead 6? Or Queen of wands meets MHI?

    BTW, what is the estimated release date for MHL? And what did you go with for the casino name?

    1. Dangit, if I was even *slightly* more on my toes this morning, I’d have phrased that “Welcome back, Mr. Nightcrawler.” 😉

      Doh. :p

  10. Awesome news, you’re a not so lean mean writin’ machine. I can’t wait for all of the above to come out.

  11. Hey guys & gals, Reader Force Alpha received their rough drafts very late Sunday night, so I dutifully started proof-reading Monday morning, finishing up Tuesday afternoon. All I can say is, “Wow, I’m glad he has a team of proof-readers… er, I mean… the storyline is Correia-action-oriented, the Hunters are barely capable of overcoming their unusually powerful adversaries, and everything meshes well with the previous three Monster Hunter books.” Y’all are in for yet another magnificent display of Larry’s creative genius.

  12. This is awesome news! I saw that amazon has MHL available for pre-order, but I remember seeing that you get a percentage if we get to it through the links that you post here, only I cant seem to find one. And i really want to get my pre-order in for a signed copy! Post the link!

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