MHI and Hard Magic both up for Audie awards.

From the Audio Publisher’s Association, these are the awards for best audio books and performances for the year. I’ve got 3 nominations. Monster Hunter International (read by Oliver Wyman) and Hard Magic (read by Bronson Pinchot) are up for best paranormal, with my books taking 2 of the 5 nominations. And Bronson Pinchot has been nominated for best male performance for his work on Hard Magic.

Apparently my stuff translates into dramatic format really well. 🙂

On that same note, Spellbound is out on now.

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22 thoughts on “MHI and Hard Magic both up for Audie awards.”

  1. I am not a fan of Audio Books since the voice never matches the voices I created for the characters in my head (I know, that sounds creepy already) but I listened to a sample of Hard Magic and Bronson Pinchot is damned good.

  2. Hi Larry, just picked up both of the Grimnoir books from Audible and started on Hard Magic. I had a little trepidation on Bronson Pinchot as a narrator, but so far he’s been just fine.

  3. Yeah, I thought Owen sounded a little whiny in the Monster Hunter audio books, but they were still great.

    Hard Magic was just awesome though.

    So is having 2 books nominated in the same category help or hinder your chances of getting the award?

  4. Congrats Mr. Correia, I’ll be getting Spellbound as soon as Audible Credits Day hits.

    As for Owen sounding whiny, he sounded like what I pictured a monster hunting battle account would sound like.

  5. Larry Flynt said the “killer app” for e-books is to bundle them with the paper.

    Any idea when Baen will do that? or was it tried and I missed it?

  6. Larry, you keep making us proud.
    I sent my girlfriend a copy of Hard Magic and she loved it. She is now wondering when I’m going to send her Spellbound.
    You are costing me money, Bud. 😉

  7. Hey Larry, congratulation on the nominations. I just started listening to the spellbound audiobook from audible and noticed a chunk of the book is missing at right about the 90 minute mark of the first part it skips from Crowe smacking Francis around in Miami to Sullivan in Menlowe Park to take the call from the chairman. it is missing the whole part where crowley talks him into going with them. I have redownloaded it multiple times, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this problem I have emailed audilble customer service to let them know, I have seen this happen with audible in the past.

    1. I just check the book, it goes from crow smackin francis around to crow checking out the bodies left in menlo park.Sullivan had already been and gone. I haven’t listened to the audio yet though.

      1. apologies for the bad spelling and grammar, I just got my ass handed to me at Krav and my brain isn’t really working yet.

        It should be “checked”, “smacking”, and a space between Sullivan and the preceding period.

      2. I just double checked the audible version against the print version, the audible version is missing all of chapter 3. I called audible and reported the error.

      3. Yeah, mine is missing chapter 3 as well. I was looking at the wrong part of the book earlier. What did audible tell you?

  8. Audible customer service took down all the info I gave them and said they would report it to the appropriate department. I have seen this happen with audible once in the past, it was one of the Wheel of Time books, I can’t remember which one, but when they had corrected the error they email everyone who purchased the book telling them to re-download the part of the audiobook that was incomplete, I would recommend you call them and report it as well, with this kind of thing the more people who report it the faster it will usually get fixed.

    1. I just got an email from audible customer service confirming the 3rd chapter is missing from the version of Spellbound that is currently on the sight, they will have the corrected version on the site with the next few days. This is why I love audible, when there is a problem they get it fixed ASAP.

  9. Along with this, we should raise a cry to get Oliver Wyman BACK for Weber’s Safehold series. His last 3 books, they got some other nararator who was simply God-awful, as opposed to the great Wyman who narrated the first two books.

    With that said, Larry, don’t let them swap Wyman for another nararator (unless that nararator is Stefan Rudnicki)… or the audio books will suffer the fate of “By Heresies Distressed.”

    LOVED MHA as read by Wyman, though. Earl just wouldn’t sound like Earl without him.

  10. Just starting to listen to the Hard Magic Series on audio so far its great. The MH audiobooks are some of the best i’ve ever heard. Although now every time i hear Oliver Wyman do Earl Harbinger, i keep picturing Col. Hunter Gathers from the Venture Bros. cartoon.

  11. Two thumbs up for Bronson Pinchot as narrator on the Grimnoir books. He does an amazing job with the tones and accents for each character. Two comments about it, though:
    1 – His accents for Jane and Lance differ significantly between the two books.
    2 – His voice for Dan is crazy irritating – half kindergarten teacher, half game show announcer.

    Otherwise, he’s spot-on…in my own humble opinion.

    Oh…and thank you for not nicknaming Jake Sullivan as “Sully”. I’ve always hated that.

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