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Have to share because this made me laugh this morning. Which is saying something since I’d been up since 3:00 AM.  This was posted to the HK Suck And Hate You Thread:

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And it was posted by Young Porn Video.  😀 

You can see why I approve comments here first. Which ever presidential candidate steps forward and boldly proclaims that he’s willing to respond to Nigerian spammers with nuclear weapons has my vote.

Next up, why was I up at 3:00? Correia 2.4. And I was trying to be nice to my very tired wife so she could sleep in our actual bed for a few hours. So I had the opportunity to watch the Groundhog Day Celebration LIVE on the couch, at 5:00 Utah time, with the sound off. Because kids are awesome.

Mike Kupari got back from Afghanistan yesterday. I’m glad that he is home safe. And yes, we will get to work on the Swords of Exodus right away.

But first I need to wrap up MHL. I’ve still got to write the last couple of chapters to finish the rough draft. Which means that I am now about two weeks behind schedule. Go figure. After that it is the collaboration with John Ringo, which I’m really excited to work on.

Next weekend is the annual Life, The Universe, & Everything writing conference. LTUE is normally held at BYU, but this year it will be held at Utah Valley University. Feb 9-11. I’ll be on a bunch of panels and will be doing a book signing there too.  If you are an aspiring writer and you are in the area, you really should go. Most of Utah’s successful writers usually attend, and this is a good chance for you to pick their brains.


The Burning Throne, Episode 14: Duty and Faith
The Burning Throne, Episode 13: The Mountain Spirits

35 thoughts on “Quick updates”

    1. I’m not a citizen (as if that would be and impediment) but I’d vote for ya…If only to see the country’s talking heads implode.

    1. Welcome back Mike! We tried to keep the country in one piece for you and water the plants while you were gone…:-)


  1. Every time you say “collaboration with John Ringo” I think my heart stops. My two favorite authors writing as a team. I can imagine all the frothing liberal hatred now <3

    1. He’s based on someone I know, but there isn’t any dislike. I like the guy. That’s just how he is. Though I don’t think I ever had Chuck end every other sentence with “Rangers lead the way.” 😀

  2. I REALLY want to know what your collaboration with Ringo is going to be about? Part of one of his established series, or a standalone?

    Who else thinks that Ringo & Correa working on the latest Troy Rising novel would be awesome?

      1. I think an ACS from The Legacy of Aldenata should make it in somehow…and just like…a steampunk version?

  3. Welcome home the returning hero, glad Mike is back in the land of the Brave and IED Free.

    I am really looking forward to reading Sword. I stopped about a third of the way through Dead 6, looked up the original forum based version and read it before going back and finishing D6 which was a realy cool experience. I recommend reading both to anyone who hasn’t yet.

    As for you and Ringo writing steampunk together? That might just be the most awesome thing of the 21st century.

  4. I don’t even get what that guy was asking, and frankly I don’t want to know. But I guess it’s good to know that the good people of Nigeria have access to Larry’s blog, he could be developing a fan base there!

    1. Until they read the book Larry’s referenced a few times that he’s got in the works about a reality TV show where teams of contestants compete to overthrow a third-world African nation.

      And in case you’re wondering, not only would I watch that, I’d try out for the show. Beats the shit out of The Bachelorette.

  5. Larry,

    This is off-topic for this thread, but in the general theme of pissing off liberals, I would like to ask you what your thoughts are concerning Utah’s concealed carry laws in general and representative Paul Ray’s proposed changes found in HB49 (http://le.utah.gov/~2012/htmdoc/hbillhtm/HB0049S01.htm).

    For those not familiar with Utah’s CC laws, they go further to protect permit holders 2nd amendment rights than most other states. HB49, which is currently working its way through the state legislature, serves to protect a citizens right to Open Carry. In some of the more liberal jurisdictions (Salt Lake City and college campuses), law enforcement officers have been threatening people carrying firearms “Open” with arrest for “Disturbing the Peace”. HB49 is intended to shield people from charges of Disturbing the Peace.


    1. I can see merit in this. I am retired from 33 years as a licensed (i.e.: To work armed) security officer. On many occasions when I needed to use public transportation in the dark of the morning, I would be dumped into an “interesting” location for a change of buses.

      Now while I grant some effect — not much — to the uniform, I think the greatest part of the “mutt-repellent” effect owed to the obvious, and obviously occupied, holster on my utility belt.

      More than once, hurly-burly swirled around me without touching me. I would be sitting there, minding my own business and smoking my pipe, perhaps reading a book or magazine, speaking only to make my manners to someone entering the bus-shelter, completely not bothered.

      Now one thing extra but hitherto unspoken: When I was very young, and fascinated by my Dad’s war-trophy P-08 (DWM 1940), Dad used it to get me to listen while he tried to impress on me the rules of proper conduct for the armed person in civil society; specifically, he taught me I was obliged, as an armed person, to act absolutely strictly courteously to all and sundry, no exceptions. (I even called the one person I ever arrested, Sir, all during the surrounding uproar.)

    2. If you don’t like idiotic laws like this, you can vote for David Kirkham for Governor in the Republican Primary (If you happen to be a delegate).

      David has a cc permit. He owns 3 Siaga-12’s, which is the gun that “Abomination” is based on. He also led the charge to repeal 477, the law that did away with government transparency.

      And Larry, if he wins, he could probably use your team of “combat accountants” to make some real changes to the budget.

      He would probably sign a bill like HB49 minutes after it passed vote. No way in hell he’d veto, unless there were some real stinkers hidden inside. And you may rest assured that the stinkers would be held up for public ridicule, along with their authors.

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