Quick update, patch contest winners

Okay, I’ve been getting requests about the patch contest and how come I haven’t annouced the winners. Here’s the thing. I’m not quite done with MHL and still need to do another editing pass. There are a lot of other Hunters and rival companies in this book. My issue right now is that I’m using several more than I originally expected, but I don’t know how many yet, and won’t really know until I get the next editing pass done. Once I’ve got that, then I’ll post who the winners are. Part of the issue is that it isn’t just the ones that got the most votes, but ther are also several that I just thought were cool, but I havent’ seen if I can fit them in cleanly yet or not.

Standing in the way of getting MHL finished is that Correia 2.4 is due any day now, so we’ve been sort of hanging on to the edge of our seats, which makes productive writing time kind of hard to achieve. 🙂

The Burning Throne, Episode 12: Kuni Magatsu
Picture Time Fun, MHI tattoos, grips, D6 art, and my best mini yet

16 thoughts on “Quick update, patch contest winners”

  1. So we should, like, keep clicking refresh to see if you’ve posted the winners? (grin)

    Seriously, I’m just happy you’re working on the next book. Please keep doing that (as much as you’re able, in view of the impending arrival). Of course I’m only saying that because I have no chance of being selected – some of those entries were GOOD!

  2. Take your time, Larry. It can wait a little longer. Take care of the President of Master Design, Requisition, and Delivery and let us know how Correia 2.4 turns out.

    God Bless,
    (Insert Cheesy Smiley)

  3. No worries Larry,

    Correia 2.4 is by far the most important priority right now…


    P.S. Followedbythenextbookohpleasewritequickly…


  4. Today would be a funky day for Correia 2.4 to install himself into this world. You’ll never live down the fact you had a kid on Friday the 13th on purpose (That is the legend we will be propagating anyway ) 🙂

  5. Larry,

    Well, I guess this would answer the question I had about whether you were attending SHOT this year!

    I’ve been putting off picking up Spellbound to tide myself over until the next one is closer to publication, so I hope the birth is worry-free and you all get settled quickly to enjoy the little one and get Mrs Correia back on her feet quickly.

    Just a bit of unsolicited (and probably unnecessary) advice: My first kid was due on the 27th of December, and I told my wife we had to have him arrive before 2359 on the 31st for tax purposes. On 22 December, I made a spicy Korean dish (spam and red bean paste–she loves it). About three hours later, we were off to the hospital and he was born about two hours after that. You might consider the value of strategically-placed spicy foods to help things along . . . .

  6. Get busy writing. When you’re in the midst of a scene you’re really excited about and the words are in full flood….that’s when 2.4 will arrive.

  7. Larry, if I may so humbly make a suggestion…

    Let your readers figure out who the winners are by reading the book. Perhaps you can announce it 2 weeks after MHL is released to the public? THAT… would be epic.

  8. Congratulations on your upcoming kiddo!! Seriously man, they’re a blessing!

    To business: I still haven’t picked up Spellbound <>

    I’m gonna get on that this weekend.

  9. Just wondering if the winners have been announced. Sorry if I missed the post. Psyched about the new book coming out soon!

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