Shipping from the Buy Stuff tab, UPDATE

We’re taking a big bunch of packages to the post office today, all orders except one that is going to Europe will be filled. (I didn’t have a box the right size, but that one just barely came in) I’ve been running behind by about a month, but as of today everything should be up to date.

Which is good, because I’ve gotten a deluge of orders over the last couple of days. I’m out of MHI patches. I’m out of some books. I’ll be getting more, but if you order now it WILL NOT make it in time for Christmas.

I ordered several cases of books direct from Simon & Schuster a couple of months ago, but they never arrived. I don’t know what the deal is, so to fill all the open book orders before Christmas I bought dozens of my own books on Amazon. 🙂   Luckily they are all in the “Buy 3, get 1 Free” special thingy, and I just signed up for the Prime with the free 2 day shipping. So hopefully I won’t run low on books again in the future.

Now back to work. I’ve got a lot to do still on Monster Hunter Legion, and my deadline date for the rough draft is getting closer. Up after that will probably be the collaboration with John Ringo, but that depends on his schedule also. Mike Kupari will be getting back from Afghanistan in the first part of the new year, which means we can get to work on Swords of Exodus, sequel to Dead Six.

Then I’ve got Warbound, the 3rd Grimnoir novel, and Monster Hunter Nemesis, which is the big book o’ Agent Franks.

Mike Kupari finally gets to see a real copy of his first novel
The Burning Throne, Episode 8: An Early Lunch

8 thoughts on “Shipping from the Buy Stuff tab, UPDATE”

  1. What are you going to be collaborating with Ringo about? The next Hedren War novel? The next LFD novel, or a standalone?

  2. Nice!!! Did I read somewhere that you’re going to put out a steampunk novel?

    Oh, and be sure to shake Mr. Kupari’s hand and tell him thanks for all that he does for us!

  3. Larry,
    Just wanted to say that you are AWESOME! All caps make it true I’ve heard. Seriously, I’ve been a fan since MHI, and have everything since and look forward to more as I burn through them! Dead Six? AWESOME! A nice change from MHI, but Alpha? AWESOME, as I love Earl! I look forward to the big book of Franks as much as I waited impatiently for Alpha. Hard Magic and Spellbound, also are great, seriously.

    I hope you and yours have a great Christmas and fantastic, busy New Year!

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