7 thoughts on “Adam Carolla, Self Entitled Monsters”

  1. I think a large part of the occupods’ problems can be traced to parents that said “Children should be allowed to act naturally” when they meant “raising a child with some minimal sense of decency and respect for others is too much like work”.

    Anybody who thinks children should be allowed to act naturally must enjoy being surrounded by savages.

    1. Thank you, Sir.

      Rousseau said that childhood is the time of life when one is closest to the state of nature — although, with that ambulatory abomination, probably it should be heiratically capitalized, viz.: State of (gasp) Nature. Thomas Hobbes was more truthful by far about the state of nature.

      One should re-read Golding’s Lord of the Flies and L. Sprague deCamp’s Judgment Day; for, while these are fiction, they tell an underlying truth, which Mr. Schofield just stated explicitly. Now “nicety-nice” people think this attitude is so horrid as to be beyond the pale, for which (in their way of hysterical non-argument by histrionic exaggeration) they call us “misanthropes.”

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