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  1. Ya know, this is a good review. But there is this one review on Amazon, top notch. Probably one of the best reviews ever written really 😛

  2. Have you thought about creating a RPG or boardgame based on any of your worlds?

    RPGs are basically just fantasy accounting systems, and you’ve got that down pat!

  3. I may be getting picky and since I haven’t read the context there may be something that fixes it here.

    ““They were near the Roosevelt Memorial. The Washington Monument rose in the distance to their left. To the right was the Lincoln Memorial, and standing next to it was one big demon.””

    This can’t mean the FDR memorial, since it wouldn’t be there yet, nor would there be a reason to at this point. So that would mean Teddy, who has an island and a bridge near the mall, but no monument that I know of.

    If they are on the bridge then it would be Lincoln on the front left and Washington way front and a little right, maybe not even visible from there. If they were on Jefferson, Lincoln would be left and Washington right, and the Demon better be huge to be seen from that far away, which it may be.

    Or maybe I should lighten up. In any case, I’ve gotten my wife hooked on MHI, and maybe this is next. You may be the gateway drug for her reading all my old sci-fi fantasy books. I really enjoy your writing style.

    1. He he he… Sounds like you need to read the book. 🙂 Keep in mind this world diverged in the 1850s.

      And I’m a research dork. It is the TR memorial, built sometime after he died leading the 1st VAB against the Kaiser’s zombie army. What you know as Roosevelt Island is still Mason Island in this timeline, and SPOILER REDACTED is what happens to Mason Island.

      People always assume that I’ve made a research mistake when they find stuff like that. I had somebody point out Berma Cream vs. Berma Shave even. That was on purpose. Somebody else pointed out that the Chairman’s family name is Tokugawa, but that Okubo is also normally a family name, and thus I had made a horrific error… Nope. :p I’ve just never written down all of the Chairman’s backstory yet. Sure, I make blunders, but alternative history means that I get to have fun.

  4. I just finished “Dead Six” and loved it. The way it was written was different, and quite intriguing. I especially enjoyed the way you and your co-author brought the disparate groups together at the end.
    Well done. I’ve read all the MHI books. Now to get the others.

    1. Do it with GURPS. Mix in a bit of magic, some nasties, and the basic “real world” rules and you can wing it, and isn’t that what good RPGing is about?

      Or you could use Twilight 2000 and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs if you like your rules super crunchy. Not to mention all the D20 smashups you could come up with.

      Or just skip to the chase and use Palladium, they can do anything!

    2. So far I’ve run two MHI games for my usual group.

      The first was a couple of years back, and I used the Unisystem engine and All Flesh Must Be Eaten to run a scenario involving a zombie outbreak, an old, escaped Nazi scientist, and a radical enviro-apocalyptic activist cult. The game ran just fine, but the Unisystem is a little clunky for running mass combat. It tends to slow down a bit once you start adding a lot of zombies all at once.

      The second MHI game was one I ran a few months back using the Savage Worlds engine. It worked out great, and was fast and easy to run. Battles go quickly with Savage Worlds, and can be easily managed by the GM with a minimum of fuss. There’s very little bookkeeping involved, and there are a thundering crapload of horror and monster-themed SW books out there that can be ported right into the MHI world with no conversion at all.

      At the moment I’m designing a Grimnoir game using Savage World’s Necessary Evil for the powers, and Thrilling Tales, Weird War II, and the Day After Ragnarok for the pulp adventure rules.

  5. Excellent books, excellent time-frame and world you’ve created….love em all! Its good to see that there are book reviewers who don’t review based on a set of well-worn preconceived notions and “rules” and “requirements” that a “good book” must fall in to. Now…if there was a way to set my Amazon account to automatically charge me and ship any book written/co-written by Larry Correia, I would be a very happy camper!

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