Future book stuff from me, available on for preorder now

Monster Hunter Legion


This will be a limited edition hardcover that has a signature page from me bound into it.  

The Monster Hunters:


This is a hard cover omnibus of the first 3 MHI books. I have no idea how they are going to fit them all in there togehter.  EDIT: The link should go to the right place now.

The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic, mass market paperback


And thanks to everybody who has been going to Amazon through the links on my page. Any time you order stuff through here, you don’t get charged any extra, but I get a % for the refferal. It is rather awesome. So far I’ve made enough to offset the growing Hordes/Warmachine arms race between various Utah novelists. I just heard that Dan Wells ordered 3 more warjacks… Stuff just got real.

So by purchasing all of the stuff you would purchase through Amazon anyway, and stopping through here first, it will enable me to get more guys like this to paint in order to stomp other writer’s faces.

I named him Kevin. Yes, that is an MHI patch. So you totally know he's awesome.

Yes. Because I’m mature like that.

The Burning Throne, Episode 5: Aftermath
More reasons why the Occupy movement sucks and is lame

25 thoughts on “Future book stuff from me, available on for preorder now”

  1. Larry, the second link for the omnibus takes you back to the link for MHL Ltd. (I too have ordered MHL Ltd.) But I want the omnibus. My paperbacks have taken a beating.

  2. Why would the omnibus have MHI, MHV, and MHA instead of waiting and adding MHL as the third? Wasn’t MHA kind of a “stand alone” novel. I mean, it was all about Earl instead of the whole MHI gang. Just curious observation, is all.

    1. Because Larry’s sales figures have dictated that he can sell Hardbacks. So, from a sales standpoint, there is no point in releasing MHL solely in paperback. Make a higher margin off a MHL Hardback, and boost awareness & sales of MHL by offering a hardback omnibus of the first three novels a few months before the release of the new novel.

  3. Just finished listening to MHI and love it – fun, fun fun. I am looking forward to trying the Grimnoir series as well but most of my reading is via audiobooks – will Book 2 be coming out via Audible? soon?

  4. The new Hordes books should be in your local gaming store no later than tomorrow.

    Looks like Skorne gets a hard-ass of a character Titan.

    And be sure to stock up on Paingiver Beast Handlers. Especially if you sitck with Morghul as your warlock for now.

    1. More hard-ass than Kevin? Because he’s pretty awesome… And he’s not fat. He’s just big boned. Don’t say it like that, you’ll make him cry again… Oh, now look what you did, Tuco? Kevin’s upset. There there, it’s okay big fella. We’ll stop on the way home for an ice cream cone.

  5. Dear Sir,

    Just finished SPELLBOUND. Congratulations, that was one fine read!. You are one of three people I know of to successfully revive the 1930’s Adventure Hero Pulp style, and the other two (John M. Ford and Aaron Allston) aren’t doing it anymore, drat them. I was really hoping that Allston would do a take on The Shadow to match the one he did on Doc Savage. Oh, well.

    More, please.

  6. Can’t do link, sorry.
    Awesome books,. Larry. Thanks!

    Could there be an MHI S.T.F. Unit? Hired by MCB or someone a little higher to investigate say…Unicorns?

  7. Kevin totally rocks! I’m working on my ‘Skynet army’ aka Necrons from WH40K, got a ton of figures primed & ready for some holiday painting.

    And speaking of patches, I was attending a class taught by Travis Haley, when Milspec Money put in an appearance. He did a bit of time on the firing line with us, then gave out a pile of schwag. I gave him one of your MHI patches as a thank you. Not that you don’t already have a legion of fans, but I figure adding another one won’t hurt a bit.

  8. sir
    i just finshed alpha,what a ride! it sucks that i read your books faster than you write them.but if the reverse were true id get nothing else done.nonetheless i have the hardcovers on my list.i also recomend all your stuff to my friends.
    thanks for cool storys

  9. I heard somewhere that your doing a book with John Ringo.
    And will the book covers be made of steel to contain the awesomeness? and when will this come out if it happens at all

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