More reasons why the Occupy movement sucks and is lame

Best photo ever, from the NY Post/Matthew McDermott

The above picture is from when an Occupie interrupted the swearing in ceremony for newly elected congressman Bob Turner at a high school in queens. Who the hell heckles a swearing in ceremony? Adam Weissmann and three other clueless protestors, that’s who. (there’s Adam pictured above, looking highly befuddled) Turner is the guy that replaced Wiener in a special election, and Wiener was a dirt bag, so I don’t really know what they were protesting. Equal rights for dirt bags? Anyway, it is rather uncouth to interrupt a swearing in ceremony, so a former Marine, former NYPD, guy named Kevin Hiltunen (pictured above whooping ass, old school) dragged the Occupie out and tossed him in the street. “I guess you could say I sorted him out.”

I would have to agree, Kevin. He looks pretty sorted out to me. Good work. The half of America that works for a living is going to print this picture and frame it.

Clueless, whiny, obnoxious, annoying, smelly, and rapey… That’s a great recipe for success right there.   

I keep getting told that the Occupy Wall Street is a legitimate political movement, every bit as legitimate as the Tea Party… Just with more rapes, murders, shootings, riots, tuberculosis outbreaks, public sex, rampant drug use, drug overdoses, and still no real coherent message other than “We want more stuff!”

I went by the Occupy Salt Lake encampment the other day. I was surprised by how tiny it was. It was just a little cluster of tents. I’ve been to ward scout camps that were bigger. The local Ren Fair is bigger… Yet, they’re still managing to have fatalities. That’s quite the ringing endorsement. Listen to our ideas, but as soon as you put us in charge people will die mysteriously, you’ll get raped but we won’t report it, and then you can catch a 19th century disease! Yay!

I’ve been told repeatedly by people on Facebook that I am wrong to insult OWS because they have some “good points” and how the Tea Party should totally work with them, because we want “the same thing.”

No. We. Don’t.  We can agree that cronyism is bad, but the proposed solutions are completely divergent. The Tea Party wants smaller government. OWS wants (as far as anyone can tell because they still don’t have a coherent message) a government that can do absolutely everything for them. Leave me alone vs. Fix all my bad choices for me. We pay too much in taxes vs. Eat the rich and give me their stuff. Freedom vs. Fairness. These ideals are opposite ends of the spectrum. There is no middle ground here.

The argument that they are the same because both sides agree that there is a problem is absurd. I’m sure plenty of Russians thought that the Tsar was wrong, but that didn’t make Lenin the right answer. Anyone who says that the two sides are morally equivalent is delusional.

Both sides agree that the body politic is unhealthy. The Tea Party solution is to replace the defective parts and put the body on a diet. The OWS solution is to transplant its brain with a cabbage. Then set it on fire.

Where were the cries last year that everyone who was unhappy with the current economic situation should listen to the Tea Party, because they had a legitimate complaint? Funny, I don’t remember those. Right wing group says that problem X exists, insult them and mock those crazies. Left wing group says that problem X exists, then we should all respectfully agree that X is a serious problem and have a dialog about what to do about X, even though the left wing solution to X rewards the people that caused X, and then makes X ten times worse.

That’s the thing that irks me the most about OWS.  Comparing how they get treated in the media narrative against how competing movements are portrayed. The Tea Party are violent, racist extremists, with an extreme agenda, who want to lynch minorities, and if the government does what they want then we’ll go back to the dark ages, all the old folks will die, children will starve, and so they can all burn in hell, those racist bastards.  On the other hand, OWS demonstrates that the government needs to do more, and that people are suffering in these tough times, and that greed is bad m’kay, and that we should totally feel sorry for these poor people, and if only all those awful rich people would give up their stuff, then everybody could be happy together.

Sure, that’s simplified, but look at how either side is talked about on any story, any issue, in the vast majority of the media and see if it doesn’t fit those basic parameters. Obviously it isn’t limited to just Tea Party vs. OWS. I’m still amazed by the comments about Herman Cain’s “Predatory Black Sexuality” on MSNBC, which was about the stupidest, most actually racist thing I’ve heard in a long time… Besides, everybody that reads this blog when I post my hate mail knows that I’m the one stealing all the white women.

The narrative gets repeated and repeated and repeated until all the stupid people just swallow it unthinkingly. The other day I posted on Twitter, “Remember when the Tea Party had all those rapes? Yeah, me too. Thanks CNN.”  And I immediately got a reply that “No, but I remember when that Tea Party guy shot a congresswoman in the face!”  What? Seriously? Okay… Bear with me, you ill informed ass muppet… If you will recall a lunatic dissatisfied nut job that was so in his own world that he really didn’t fit in with any rational political philosophy and didn’t belong to any particular group (but loved him some Karl Marx) shot some people because the voices in his head told him too, this was IMMEDIATELY shouted from the rooftops as definitive PROOF that the Tea Party was as evil as the media said they are.  (And it was all Sarah Palin’s fault.)

Sure, afterwards it came out that the guy wasn’t affiliated with them in any way, shape, or form, but the narrative had been set, and here we are all this time later and morons are still parroting it. If you can’t find actual bad stuff, make some up. 

However, we’re supposed to dismiss the over three thousand arrests at various Occupy movements? I’m supposed to be furious at the Oakland PD, because a poor, picked on, former Marine was severely injured by their horrid police brutality? (sure, he’d been drummed out of the Marines for drug abuse, ran a website about how the military sucks, and I personally find that I experience far fewer severe head injuries when I chose not to engage in battle with riot cops, but whatever). 

We’re supposed to ignore that rapes and sexual assaults are rampant, and that the OWS people were trying to handle them without involving law enforcement? From the New York Post, “We don’t tell anyone. We handle it internally. I said too much already.” A few weeks ago when I posted that on Twitter I had several angry people demanding links, like I’d just made up these totally baseless allegations, because surely, if all these horrible things were so common, they would’ve heard about it on the regular news! My answer was to put Rape at Occupy Wall Street into Google and get ready for lots of reading.

I want you to imagine with me for a moment that one half of one percent of the same type of criminal activity that has occurred at an Occupy event were to have occurred at any Tea Party event. Now imagine the media coverage…

There is a fundamental difference in character between the two sides. By their fruits ye shall know them. Sadly, the media is totally incapable of understanding that concept.

And for my closing statement, here is video of someone at Occupy Seattle shitting on a public sidewalk.

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64 thoughts on “More reasons why the Occupy movement sucks and is lame”

  1. The press coverage is the absolute most maddening thing. How can these people pose as “objective” when they’re so obviously in the tank?

  2. So, Mr Weissman doesn’t like trade with China. I presume then he opposed Bill Clinton, who pushed through the current trade status. He doesn’t like bailing out banks. I presume then he opposes mr 0bama, who has done quite a bit of that.

  3. I love the video.

    Finally someone makes a clear statement as to what this Occupy thing is all about.

    An ugly public action where ultimately nothing comes out.

  4. My solution for clearing these protests is;
    1. Encapsulate and detain all perps, after one warning.
    2. Process each twit in turn, ID check, Photo, DNA swab, fingerprint, blood test, and TB test.
    Since there have been rapes, murders, illicit drug use, out breaks of TB and such, hazard waste disposal on public and private lands. The goal is to identify each and every person involved.
    Bet the OWS’s would make a covey of quail look slow. 😉

    1. Me, I’d put a fence around this zoo and charge admission.

      “To your left is the Hippie Classic. This ancient relic hasn’t bathed since 1967, so I’d advise you to hold your breath.”
      “Now over here we have the Unemployable Professional Grad Student… she’s rather angry that her degree in the Semiotics of Transgendered Polynesian Basket Weaving has left her with $65,000 in student loan debts and absolutely no job prospects…”

  5. Caption time!

    -“Don’t drag me, bro!”


    -“Always wash hands after taking out the trash!” (seriously, I think it would be safer from a biological standpoint to soak your hands in sewage from a 3rd world cholera treatment center than to grab onto this guy’s coat)

    1. When I first saw that picture I thought:

      “Gee, someone is doing a live reenactment of what happens when some gets on Agent Frank’s badside…’Noooo…I didn’t say anything…i swear…'”


      1. Great, now I want Larry to write a short story revolving around an OWS group, a zombie outbreak, and Agent Franks being himself.

      2. How about an Agent Franks vs. OWS Christmas (or whatever holiday observance you hold near the time of the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice) story? Please, pretty please?

      3. Q: “How do you tell a zombie outbreak from a OWS encampment?”
        A: “The ‘zoms have better hygine; better morals and a friendlier disposition; but the OWS has better publicity”

  6. When this first started, the Democrats rushed to embrace the movement. They thought they had a counter to the Tea Party.
    To quote:
    Clueless, whiny, obnoxious, annoying, smelly, and rapey

    Yep, they’re Democrats.

    And Mr. Hiltunen, way to put the OW in OWS!

  7. The NY Post, like Fox News, is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Therefore everything they “report” can be dismissed as vile calumny and proof that the OWS are … oh heck, I can’t bring myself to type “the embodiment of sweetness & light” there even for satirical purpose.

  8. I don’t get the whole attitude by the mainstream press right now. How they can be all lovey dovey with the whole OWS thing is beyond me. I started to cheer when they started clearing them out of the camps.The one here in San Diego has cause some small business owners to almost lose their businesses. I have no pity for the protesters what so ever. I also find it funny they are screaming about the evil capitalistic system yet there are more big name brand name clothing and every digital gadget known to man at the protests.

    As to the whole Cain thing I am withholding judgement if he is guilty or not. I keep going back to the whole thing with Clinton and all of his it is a lie when it wasn’t. I also had a weird feeling watching the interview with his wife. She said one thing but watching her face it said something else. She also made a comment of he is a good man of faith so I can’t see him doing what he has been accused. I don’t like Cain for other reasons but I would still vote for him if he got the nomination and just hope he doesn’t do some damage that could cost the party in the end.

    1. The media is biased, hence why they’ve made a circus out the OWS nonsense. Had it not been given any media attention it wouldn’t have lasted a week.

  9. Good Lord, it’s bad enough that these OWS dipshits are already stinking up my town. But this dude his malodorous misfit morons have to come to my old neighborhood now, too?

    Do us all a favor and occupy some gainful employment.

    1. They ARE doing us a favor by NOT having “gainful employment”.

      I mean – do you REALLY want to get your fries from someone like that?

  10. Hmm..fundamental difference. Yep some of us can think for ourselves. As far as the Mainly Sewage Media? *shrug** I stopped listening to them for anything other than local news…oh..right about the time fox came into being. Strange coinkey dink that.

  11. “Rape at Occupy Wall Street” – 65,900,000 Google hits of actual stories and commentary about real events.
    “Rape at Tea Party” – 9,000,000 hits, and all of them are either: stories comparing the non-violent Tea Party event to actual rapes at OWS events, or Left-wing stories about how the Tea Party intends to “Rape Government Programs into submission”. Really.

  12. Isn’t there a line in Animal House where the dean says, “Clueless, whiny, obnoxious, annoying, smelly, and rapey is no way to go through life, son.”

    Or was it John Wayne who said, “Life’s hard. It’s harder when you’re clueless, whiny, obnoxious, annoying, smelly, and rapey.”

    I think you’ve got something.

  13. Here’s a scene for Larry; A pack of werewolves attack a an OWS encampment. As the werewolves start eating, they start throwing up, rolling in the dirt, twitching, etc.
    It’s MAD COW disease ! 😉

  14. The Tea Party believes in the system, I think foolishly, and thus tries to participate in the noble way that they’ve been taught works (but totally doesn’t). I used to be a part of the Tea Party, but am no longer affiliated, and I know a bit of what it’s like to be on the ground floor.

    OWS understands the system as it actually works, if only on an unconscious level: Shit on the sidewalk, piss off police officers, and then whine and cry as they drag you away. These images get sent off to the media, embarrass law enforcement and the military (if the NG gets involved), and you get your way. It’s how every single Progressive movement previous has worked, and it’s how OWS will work.

    I think they will get what they want.

    1. It saddens me to think you may be right. Conservatives have never been as apt at fighting dirty as liberals. I don’t think I could act like this OWS rabble — my parents raised me to believe it was just wrong to behave like that.

  15. Re: the video. Wow. Where’s a boy walking nearby with an air rifle, a knack for ironic amusement, and a sense of justice when you need one. *pop* ‘ow that stung!” *pop* “ow what the fuck?” *pop* ‘clean up after yourself animal’ *pop..pop..pop.*

  16. Look at the press coverage of Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, the guy who shot at the White House. One says he wasn’t a member, but that he infiltrated the group for a few days. Another says he may have spent time with Occupy DC. It doesn’t matter if he was or not, but it’s how it’s being reported in these first few days.
    So different than the AZ shooting.

  17. Oh, I just LOVE the OWS folks, and you should too. They’re like Mike Moore back in 2004: they’re worth a good half-dozen electoral votes for the nonObama candidate just standing there.

  18. Larry Doesn’t have a clue about this movement and obviously neither do many of the people posting here. Love his books though.

    The Following Written By William Rivers Pitt:

    Let’s get a few things straight right from the jump.

    First of all, despite all the gleeful obituaries that have been appearing across the scabrous landscape of the “mainstream” news media, the Occupy movement is not, in fact, over. Mayor Michael Bloomberg may have sent in cops like thieves in the night to dispossess peaceful protesters and destroy books in New York City, but there are hundreds of Occupy camps still standing from one side of this nation to the other. As for the seedcorn New York protest, well…if you’re one who opposes what they’ve been doing, you can cross your fingers and toes to your heart’s delight in the hope that matters are settled in the Big Apple, but you best be prepared for disappointment, because those people have set their caps to accomplish what they endeavored to do back in September, and they are far, far more organized and determined than people like you seem capable of apprehending.

    A setback like this only adds fuel to the fire. We’re talking about people who are so committed to the ideals of the Occupy movement that they abandoned the soft conveniences of modern existence – walls, a roof, a bed, plumbing, locks on the doors and the soothing babble of cable TV – to sleep in a park surrounded by strangers for almost two months. Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone camping for two full months, anywhere. It has been hot, it has been cold, it has rained, it has snowed, and, oh yeah, there was the ever-present threat of catching a billy club over the head or a face full of NYPD mace for their trouble. You think they’re going away after enduring all that?


    Second, I’m going to slap the next person who comes out with the pat line, “They don’t have a message! They need a message! They’re nothing without a message!” Um, cluebag, they are the message. The Occupy movement has created modern-day Hoovervilles from sea to shining sea to point out the simple fact that things have gone badly wrong in these United States, that the American Dream of even minimal upward mobility and the promise of a better future for our children were sold for pennies on the dollar to the bastards and whores who have perverted this democracy past the point of recognition. It’s a fantastic bit of irony, a towering example of cognitive dissonance, that the same people who attack the Occupy movement are also the ones packing guns to Tea Party protests because they think the country is headed in the wrong direction. What in the name of Jesus H. Christ do they think the right direction is? 99% of us are getting screwed, and the Occupy movement has been the most eloquent firebreak against that heedless, moneygrubbing trend.

    I’ll make it simple: Wall Street has occupied American politics and stolen America’s bright future in an orgy of graft and theft, so America has occupied Wall Street – along with every Main Street in every city and town you can think of – in order to try and set things right. Got it? It is pretty simple, folks. Two plus two does, in fact, equal four. The only reasons people refuse to see this thing, simply, for what it is come down to willful stupidity, stubborn partisanship, money, or a combination of the three.

    Third, anyone who claims that the Occupy movement has not accomplished anything can kiss my whole entire ass. The upward mobility of our hard-earned money into the coffers of the rich and powerful has been going on since the disaster known as the “Reagan Revolution.” The politicians bought by the cash-fat elite have appointed judges to every level of the state and federal judicial systems, and the serial corporate-favoring rulings handed down by these robed criminals have given this grand theft the imprimatur of legality, but it ain’t legal, and it ain’t right. One look at the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision, and the after-affects of same, can tell you that. Hell, Mitt Romney actually got up with his bare face hanging out the other day to make the very modern American argument that corporations are, in fact, people…non-existent multi-billionaire people protected from even the most minimal legal oversight or scrutiny, to be sure, but people all the same.

    Take back the media by making a tax-deductible donation to Truthout this week. Click here to support news free of corporate influence.

    Is that the country you want to live in? I don’t, and neither do the Occupy protesters, and what they have accomplished over these last two months is to finally, finally, finally draw major national attention to the deranged way we go about things here in America. In the immortal words of a fantastic Occupy protest sign, “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.” For the first time in modern memory, people in America, along with their elected representatives and the “mainstream” media that covers it all, have had their noses rubbed in the awful yawning gap between the Haves and the Have Nots, and the manner in which this doomed system of thievery-as-governance actually operates. Those who try to tell you the Occupy movement has no message are the very people who see the message with perfect clarity, and it scares the tar out of them, so they have made a point of saying black is white in order to muddy the waters. Don’t believe it. In your gut, you know better.

    No one, but no one, has explained it all better than Chris Hedges:

    The banks and Wall Street, which have erected the corporate state to serve their interests at our expense, caused the financial crisis. The bankers and their lobbyists crafted tax havens that account for up to $1 trillion in tax revenue lost every decade. They rewrote tax laws so the nation’s most profitable corporations, including Bank of America, could avoid paying any federal taxes. They engaged in massive fraud and deception that wiped out an estimated $40 trillion in global wealth. The banks are the ones that should be made to pay for the financial collapse.

    The big banks and corporations are parasites. They greedily devour the entrails of the nation in a quest for profit, thrusting us all into serfdom and polluting and poisoning the ecosystem that sustains the human species. They have gobbled up more than a trillion dollars from the Department of Treasury and the Federal Reserve and created tiny enclaves of wealth and privilege where corporate managers replicate the decadence of the Forbidden City and Versailles. Those outside the gates, however, struggle to find work and watch helplessly as food and commodity prices rocket upward…And no one in the Congress, the Obama White House, the courts or the press, all beholden to corporate money, will step in to stop or denounce the assault on families. Our ruling elite, including Barack Obama, are courtiers, shameless hedonists of power, who kneel before Wall Street and daily sell us out. The top corporate plutocrats are pulling down $900,000 an hour while one in four children depends on food stamps to eat.

    Finally, any and all who say the Occupy movement is meaningless in comparison to the civil rights struggle or the fight against the war in Vietnam are, quite simply, flat wrong. Worse than that, you know you’re wrong. This is not to discredit or discount those great, noble and entirely just efforts in any way, shape or form. But to claim the Occupy movement is beneath those efforts not only misses the point by miles, but viciously undercuts the very fabric of those efforts. This fight is about race, and class, and justice, and what happens to a nation when it becomes addicted to war and the profits earned for a few by the delivery of death. The Occupy movement is the culmination of every great struggle, in this century and the last, against a powerful few who would have us return to the days of aristocracy and penury. Like Rosa Parks, the Occupy movement sat down where it supposedly didn’t belong and said, “I’m not moving,” until what is wrong is set right once and for all.

    Just so we’re clear.

    1. So, Seth, what you essentially are saying is: “I don’t have any actual ideas of my own, so I’m just going to post a long-winded communist screed by a long-winded communist activist because I haven’t got the ability to define my personal beliefs in my own words or come up with any decent arguments of my own.” Gotcha.

      Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t care about anything this commie douche thinks about anything. If you want me to be interested, tell me what YOU think, in your own words. Show me that your words are worth reading. Don’t just say that Larry and the rest of us are clueless because we happen to disagree with you. That’s just weak.

      And I love Larry’s books, too.

    2. Blah blah blah, more liberal “I don’t have the balls to compete so I will simply try to take what you have” horse dung. Grow up. Your parents raised you to believe you were something special and you believed it. So you got a worthless degree in Women’s Studies or Sanskrit and now you cannot figure out why you didn’t get the $100K a year job with a company car. Boo hoo! Learn from the mistake, step back, make a new plan and do a better job this time. Stop crying and realize what your parents failed to teach you. THE REAL WORLD KEEPS SCORE whether you like it or not.

  19. Larry, this is one of the funniest posts you’ve written, buddy.


    Here’s the difference between the Tent People and the Tea Partiers.

    The Tea Partiers went to work and got something done. The Tent People whine and take dumps in the park.

    You want to help the poor?

    Get to work.

    Nobody’s stopping you or any of the other Tent People from becoming a banker or wall street scuz with money popping out your eyeballs. Or (the horror, the horror) a corporation. Or even a dentist.

    You want money?

    Get out of the porta potty and get to work.

  20. Set, do you want the truth? Wall Street, with the help and nudging of the Government, just gave the people what they wanted.

    People wanted houses they couldn’t afford, so here’s a goofy ARM (backed by Fanny) to get you started… even though your credit rating is in the single digits.

    People wanted college degrees in the fluffy sciences, so here’s a Federal Government backed student loan so you can get that Masters in the Semiotics of Transgendered Polynesian Basket Weaving. No, the college prof won’t tell you that the market for those with this degree is exactly nil.

    And, of course, People always want the Government to come bail them out of crap they got themselves into…

  21. Seth Strong,

    Here’s a reality check for you. Nobody’s afraid of you, you aren’t bringing down the evil corporations, and you aren’t changing the face of America. You are not Rosa Parks. You are not Che Guevara. You aren’t even Guy Fawkes. You are smelly hippies living in tents. At best, you are an annoyance. Get over yourself and stop masturbating over how heroic you think you are.

    The only effects you are having are negative ones. You aren’t hurting corporations; the only people you are hurting are the cops who have to be pulled away from real work to babysit you and the sanitation workers who have to clean up after you.

    You think it’s wrong that some corporations don’t pay taxes? I agree. How about you campaign for a simpler, less loophole-ridden tax code that’s based on actual economics rather than social engineering? General Electric can’t get $3.2 billion handouts from the taxpayers if you don’t support the politicians who make it happen.

    While we’re at it, shut up about corporate greed in general. Capitalism isn’t inherently evil and, despite what you heard in an Oliver Stone movie, it isn’t a zero sum game. Businesses make the most profits when everybody wins and most corporations know that. If companies are using force and fraud on you, get the government to shut them down; if not, then shut up. Instead of whining about banks being responsible for your student loan debt, maybe you should blame the colleges that made you take a bunch of bullshit classes unrelated to your major.

    The Tea Party protested peacefully, cleaned up after themselves, and won a bunch of congressional seats. The Occupiers crapped in the streets, raped each other, and have done nothing useful for anybody. If you want to see change, do something productive and quit wasting my oxygen.

  22. Seth, I agree that corporate money and political interests have infiltrated government to the point that it is harming the truly private sector. So have government (Federal and to an extent state) unions and government-supported (UAW, IBAW, SIEU) unions, and federal regulations.

    However, I heartily disagree with 1)the OWS groups’ tactics. 2)The lack of instant condemnation for the neo-N@zis and hard Communists and anti-Semites who have pledged support for OWS. 3) The destruction of private property and vandalism that serves no purpose. “But those are not really members of OWS,” according to “real members of OWS?” Then why was nothing done by the larger group to stop the vandalism as soon as someone saw that there was going to be trouble? 4) Telling men and women NOT to report rape and assault to the police.

    Once all those are dealt with, once OWS has a message that is as apt and accurate as “Taxed Enough Already,” and once it stops trying to “Recreate ’68” and can come up with solutions for our problems that you can articulate without quoting from other sources, then I will reconsider supporting OWS.

  23. #1. Rabble without even the will to riot properly are not a political movement.

    #2. If you really want to see how to properly occupy something, read up on the Bonus Expeditionary Force.

    #3. Stop whining, it makes you look like a child and really pisses off people that are able and willing even, to help you deal with the crushing debt that your degree in “Left-handed Lesbian Eskimo Albino Midget Studies” saddled you with.

  24. The solution is not sleeping in a tent, it’s voting with your dollars. Today’s technology gives us all the ability to research the behaviour of corporations, right down to what they pay their CEOs. Build yourself a blacklist and stop supporting these corporate bad guys.


    Then make a green list of organizations whose behaviour you do support.


    Thus endeth the lesson.

  25. I live in Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta, so I figured we could expect a bunch of hippie protesters up here railing against the oil sands… far not a single peep which I find very telling.

    1. They only protest seriously in places that have libtard governments.

      They tried in Salt Lake City, got ordered out, and when they failed to leave, the cops hauled them off and the city used top loaders to level their Obamaville and haul it to the dump.

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