Review of Spellbound from Elitist Book Reviews 

And if you want to try to buy it try this nifty link that looks like crap, won’t appear as a stupid button no matter what I do, but gets me an extra couple of percent on an Amazon gift card so I can buy more Warmachine. 

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15 thoughts on “Review of Spellbound from Elitist Book Reviews”

    1. Matt, I read that link, but I’m confused. Do I put the link to the widget somewhere inside the following? [iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”480″]

  1. Larry, are you playing Warmachine? I did see that you said you were stockpiling minatures, but I figured it was just the L5R ones.

    1. I haven’t actually played yet. And I guess it would be Hordes. I just ordered 35 points of Skorne so I can fight Dan’s Khador and Howard’s everything. 🙂

      1. Awesome. I’ve been playing Skorne since Hordes came out several years ago. They’re the best samurai vampire elf army with giant four-armed elephants and animated ancestor statues you’re gonna find in the world of miniature gaming. The new book is supposed to be out in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to field Paingiver Beastmasters. Also, the Skorne rely heavily on synergy between units. Make back up plans so your whole strategy isn’t out the door with the loss of one unit or model. You should be able to outmanuever Khador, but they can beat face like no other faction in either game. I play Khador in Warmachine and have since before Escalation came out in MKI.

        It’s a great game. Fairly cheap to get into with a tight rule set. Buying a new Warlock or Warcaster for usually less than $20 changes the whole dynamic of your army, something that can’t really be said for any other miniature game I’m familiar with.

  2. I have an issue with the reviewer when he said that there was not enough tragedy in Spellbound. I thought that there was plenty in the book. The scene at the farm between Sully and Hammer just before the big battle had me choked up. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it but it was an emotionally charged and quietly tragic scene all by itself.

  3. I’ve purchased all your books (From Baen Books, when possible.) and enjoyed every one of them.

    Is it possible that Miss Hammer is related to Mike Hammer, the NY PI whose exploits were chronicled by Mickey Spillane? The time frame seems about right for a young Mike.

    Also, while Miss Hammer spells her name with two “m”s, is it possible that her father was the famous lawman Frank Hamer that pursued the Clyde Barrow gang? (Names change). If it was the Barrow gang he was after, was Clyde a Heavy? It seems to fit since Clyde carried a cut-down BAR and the recoil must have been fierce.

    I’m looking forward to your next book.

    (Just as a demographic point, not all of your readers are young or even middle aged. I’m a 61 year old mining engineer that really appreciates your accurate descriptions of firearms.)

  4. Well here’s my two cents worth…As soon as I fount MHI and read the first sentance, I was hooked. I have picked up every one of your books that I can find (multiple times). I appreciate the clashing cultures and the depth of description while bullets blades nukes and napalm are flying around. Your books do not feel typical/ordinary/normal. As opposed to the plot driven, time killing drivel that I admit to resorting to (everything has a place). On a personal note: As great an author as I think you are…you don’t write fast enough…so I cuss at you weekly. Literally. All in good fun of course but still, I like your books enough to act like a typical steriotypical modern entitled american wanting instant gratification in this regard. In so far as this applies to your latest book…I loved it. Feel free to write a few more in all of your “universes”. I will in return vow to pitch in and pay you for your time. and cuss at you some more… Am a Big Fan. (Green 🙂 with Horns of course)

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