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Note, there are some that have copyrighted images in them, and those just plain can’t win. Sorry.  That said, vote for who you like, because on some of the images that you might think are copyrighted actually were submitted by the owners. Which was sort of a geeky surprise for me. 🙂

I will leave voting open until November 7th, mostly because I was very late in getting all of the patches posted here. I didn’t expect that many!  I am in awe of you guys.  After that I’ll tally them up, pick the author’s choice winners, and announce them all on the blog.

And since this post has got 3,300 hits this morning, I should’ve put a link to go buy something.  Here, go look at Dead Six:   You should read it, because it is cool.

Great essay by Dave Ramsey on the Occupies
The Grimnoir Chronicles: Spellbound eBook is out now

316 thoughts on “MHI Patch Contest, VOTE NOW!”

  1. Chalk one up for Team Frostbite! Though if that happens to be one of the “can’t win” entries, my vote goes to… who else? The Combat Librarians, of course.

    1. Yeah that’s the winner. As cool as some of the mottos people came up with were, that one perfectly captures the combination of badass boast and tongue in cheek humor that defines MHI.

    1. While I do like my own patch, NYPD Monster task force, my back story is that it was started by Theodore Roosevelt when he was Commissioner, my vote goes to Team Tombstone. Very cool.

  2. Team DBD of course. Just to let you folks know, that is an original piece of Chris Muir artwork that he came up with for the contest. Big thank you to him for creating such an awesome design!

  3. There are so many good choices and it doesn’t feel right to vote for my own so I’ll have to cast one for the Hyena Bomb laughing doom. In case they are ineligible my second would be the Hudson valley river monsters.

  4. MHI Texas, black patch with silver red eyed bull

    Also like the Texas Bull Men

    A suggestion: make one or more of the Texas team members Aggies, and they have modified their patches by sawing off the bull’s horns 🙂

    Gig ’em Ags

    1. I was anti- that patch due to an excessive amount of horn. However, I would enjoy seeing it in the book with said modification.

      Saw ’em off!

  5. Team Frostbite for me, Mine was OTS (Team Otis). But wow – some of those out there are fantastic. Mine is nowhere near as good as some of the others.

    Grimm Team Berlin was a great one too. There are just so many.

    1. Is there an Otis in the book.. did I miss him? It sounds familiar, now I am going to have to go back through and see…. If not, I like the abbreviation – maybe for a new character OTS-Team Otis. Nice!

  6. Hudson Valley River Monsters (independant) and then with MHI. I like how an outside independent agency can switch one they fall into MHI. Nice work!

    1. Thanks I even sent Larry a bunch-o backstory he’s free to use. The first patch reflects the groups revolutionary war roots.

      1. Since I’ve already read everything that Larry has published (and even though I am rereading Vendetta) I am going through story line withdrawal. You should post the back story 😉 I would love to read it.

  7. 1) White Eagles of Poland; 2) Red River (monsters and hogs); 3) Livingston Geographic Institute and 4) the Southern Baptists.

    There are waaaay too many really clever entries!

  8. Lots of good patches.
    First choice, East TN “In God We Trust, All Others We Nuke”.
    Second choice, Team Frostbite
    Third Choice, Omaha Stakes

  9. Omaha Stakes is the one I like best. It was a toss up between them, the Eastern Tennessee team (In God We Trust, all others we nuke) and Tombstone Gravediggers.

  10. As a Texan, I love the idea of Texas Unnatural Guard. The design could stand a tweak or two to translate into an actual patch, but I would proudly sport one.

    The idea of a state-sponsored monster eradication unit makes a lot of sense IMO. Would love to see TUG members and the MCB getting into some heated arguments over jurisdiction, posse comitatus, etc. 🙂

    1. I vote for the Texas Unnatural Guard as well… but then again, it’s my design 🙂 You are right that it needs tweaks, but heck, I did the whole thing in Photoshop Elements.

      The Texas Unnatural Guard. Part of the Texas Military Forces. They draw from the Texas National Guard, Texas Air National Guard, and Texas Naval Forces (you did know that Texas has it’s own Army, Air Force, and Navy, right?) to protect Texas from monsters and the undead. The only Govt agency that allows agents to keep a small percentage of the PUFF Bounty

  11. Larry: “there will also be rival companies from around the world.”

    Then I must go with Korea as there are some interesting elements in the design. The date will need to be corrected to 1895 though (not 1885).

  12. Im going to have to go with some of the maryland entries because Its home. and lets face it we are Some of the craziest folk on the east coast.

  13. Team DbD is the awesome. I want Chris & Larry to get together post haste to figure out how to offer that patch.

    Still, having a soft spot for my own entry, I vote “Combat Librarians” . Recognizing that not everyone (Lee, Dorcas, Raymond Shackleford III) can be on the front lines, but they serve, too. You got to know how to kill the wee beasties, and knowledge is your friend.

    1. Maybe (if your patch isn’t the “Chosen One”), Larry could use it as a sort of skill Identifier badge, like the Army uses for “Airborne” or “Expert Infantry.” The reason I say this is also because of some of the other patches that were listed that could be skill Identifier patches such as the “MHI R&D Labrats” or the “MHI Medical Corp.” For example, Albert Lee could wear it, as he does alot of research when he isn’t on a mission with the team.

      Another way to get some more patches into the book is to use a “Combat Patch” type system. You could place them on the shoulder opposite of their MHI Team Identifier. This could be done by members of MHI that are utilized by other teams (such as the international ones) for their expertise in fighting a particular monster. The patch is given once they fight with that other team and then worn as a “foreign service” badge demonstrating both respect to the other hunters they served with and gratitude from those hunters by allowing that member to wear their “Team Patch/Identifier.”

      Crap… now I have my mind going in all sorts of random directions with unit/team structure for the story… Let me know if you need any ideas Larry – I think my brain is exploding (or a vampire is in it)
      ^ ^

  14. I’d have to go with the Texas bull men, why? because I really, really want to see a 10 foot tall minotaur bash a zombie with a giant mallet.

    1. I have to admit it… Earl already worked with one. It would be interesting if there was a team of minotaur hunters. Impenetrable hides, absolute wrecking balls – perfect strike force for a heard of zombies. They could be a fringe group of MHI that are brought in only when their berserker rage is an asset and not a liability. They could also be used as back up (in small “herds”/teams) for a number of Monsters, or used to soften up an area first that is then cleaned up with the precision of other Members of MHI. Fun to think of… what do you think Larry?

  15. Man, tough ballot! I’m almost ashamed to see my entry up there among all the good stuff.

    I’m going to go with MHI Texas. So simple, but says so much.

    Although I have to give a 2nd place nod to the Ohio Valley Buckin’ Hillbillies. Them’s my people.

  16. I’m voting for S3 as my number one, DbD for my second (it’s got Sam looking mighty fine), and because I love my big guns Team Montana for my third. Really like all of them and it was a difficult choice. Now I gotta go find a copy of Dead Six.

  17. Ok, for my actual vote – Gator Baitors. Once I saw that, I was scrolling down to find one I liked better…

    And I found it – but Cookie monster in the gun sights (MHI New York – You Got A Problem With That) is never gonna get past the copyright issues – but that one had me doing a spit take…

  18. Hmm, I guess it wouldn’t be sporting to vote for my own, so… it’s a tie between Cerberus and ‘If I tell you I have to kill you”

  19. Eastern Tennessee Monster Hunters “In God we trust, all others we nuke”. (corrected email address from previous post)

    1. Yes, but everything after Nov 7th will probably be discarded.
      (He has people still responding to his H&K post and that was from years ago. He will likely still have people voting years from now.)
      The Correia knows he has to tally the votes and he will. You know- in his ‘free’ time? LOL

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