MHI Patch Contest, VOTE NOW!

Please put your vote in the comments of this post.

To view all of the submissions, click here:

Note, there are some that have copyrighted images in them, and those just plain can’t win. Sorry.  That said, vote for who you like, because on some of the images that you might think are copyrighted actually were submitted by the owners. Which was sort of a geeky surprise for me. 🙂

I will leave voting open until November 7th, mostly because I was very late in getting all of the patches posted here. I didn’t expect that many!  I am in awe of you guys.  After that I’ll tally them up, pick the author’s choice winners, and announce them all on the blog.

And since this post has got 3,300 hits this morning, I should’ve put a link to go buy something.  Here, go look at Dead Six:   You should read it, because it is cool.

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