15 thoughts on “Act of Valor”

  1. No wonder the navy always makes its recruiting mission. A service that is mostly safe and comfortable has its own small element of really cool, tough and media savvy mofo’s. People go to the recruiting office for the SEAL and SWCC factor and most end up a fireman or airmen.

    Awesome trailer, cant wait to see it.

    1. Actually, the more common result is, person signs ups, goes to BUD/S or BCT, quits, and then spends the next 2 years chipping paint, and hopefully finds something he likes in the service.

      1. No, I mean, “Top Gun as in officially supported and assisted by the Navy because they know a good recruiting poster when they see one.”

        Make fun of Tom Cruise’s fighter pilot fantasy all you want, but it was still packin’ em in at the MEPS five years after it was no longer in theaters.

  2. The part where the SEAL pounds his wings into the coffin was what gave me chills. Seen it done in real life. Always brings a lump to my throat and tear to my eye.

    Carry on.

  3. I had not heard about this movie now I can’t wait to see it! They had my money at “the characters in this film are all active duty seals” and not movie star wanna be heroes!I have since shown this trailer to twelve friends who are all in the same state of awe I am in!

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