9 thoughts on “Here is a podcast interview with me”

  1. Great interview Larry.

    Wish I could interview you on my show. If you can figger out how blowing up Monsters for fun and profit helps empower the blind community in Australia I am all ears.

    And I see a T-shirt. A picture of a woman in Flipflops, running screaming from a charging Moose. And it reads…

    YARDMOOSE: They sense weakness!!!

  2. I can’t hear it. The entire show I downloaded sounds like a Peanuts teacher trumpet mute being played at the bottom of a mine shaft.

  3. “What is the one thing that must be retained?” The answer:
    Larry must be paid.

    I hope Michael Bay makes the movie Monster Hunter International. It would be awesome if Bruce Campbell plays Owen.

    1. No way. They have to get some one to play the part that fits the role
      Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. for 2-3 reasons.

      1. Bruce is OLDer.
      2. Isnt capable of playing a former pit fighter.
      3. Isnt the right complexion
      4.. Auganahemna could then be played by the Rocks Father.
      5. watching Dwayne johnson get his a$$ kicked by a bunch of gnomes is 1000 times funnier.

      Bruce could AND SHOULD however play Earl.

  4. Fun podcast. I was definitely jazzed about your descriptions of the upcoming post-apoc steampunk and the epic fantasy series. Between that and the African coup reality-show novel, you’ve got some exciting new stuff coming up.

    And the mention of doing your own b-movie sounds like fun. Would this be based off the already written b-movie script you have already written, Larry?

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