Yard Moose is watching…

There is a room... With a moose...

The Yard Moose are growing more brazen in their tactics. Their scouts peer in my windows, but try as they might, they shall not learn the secrets of CorrieaTech…

This big fellow has been hanging around on the hill behind my house. I’ve only seen his girlfriend once, but I know there are at least a few moose in the neighborhood. There is an elk herd too, but they are a bit further west of us, and they usually don’t come into my area until winter.

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17 thoughts on “Yard Moose is watching…”

  1. I would think that if the moose knew of your experience with firearms, he might choose to walk below the crest of the hill, and avoid making such a fine target of himself.

  2. It’s like a zombie movie man! First you see one wandering through a field.

    Then you see one watching you from the ridgeline.

    Then they’re pounding on your boarded-up shutters but by then it’s too late…!

    I hope you laid in some extra porcupines to deal with this…

  3. It’s a decoy, while you watch it the others are sneaking in thru the windows and getting their hands on CorrieaTech secrets

  4. Why can’t I EVER get a clean shot like that? Larry, I am thinking you are being stalked by a band of Killer/Ninja Mooses, and the Mooses are being paid off by your fellow Campell nominated writers. To remove you from the awards, or there is some really tasty trees and bushes around your place and the Clan Killer/Ninja Yard Moose is just grubbing.

    PS. Its the Moose you never hear that always gets ya.

  5. Is… is it crunching walnuts? That is the true reason the room with the moose is terrifying. Also, I love the fact that you made an Invader Zim reference. It restores my faith in authorial nerdity.

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