44 thoughts on “Spellbound eARC now available”

  1. It’s a good thing I’m working unacceptable amounts of overtime recently. First Dead Six and now this?!

    Seriously, I can’t wait to read Spellbound after I finish Dead Six! Thanks, Larry 😉

  2. YESSSSS!!

    Larry, you rock. First Dead Six eARC, now this :).

    Careful, though. Grimnoir may just be as big a hit as MHI :-p (I kid)

  3. Just Awesome.

    Holy crap did this one get big. And I thought nothing could top the blimp fight from the first book. Oh how wrong I was. The bit with the Iron Guard complaining about how the American built ‘things’ where junk, but had a bigger gun cracked me up.

    I thought the poem was a nice touch as well, might have people back off a little about the ‘lack of depth’ your books have.

    Keep writing awesome, fun books.


    P.S. Any word on the Ringo collaboration?

  4. What format is this one coming out in? Amazon shows hardback, but I’d also assume large format trade paperback like the first one.

    1. I believe this one is just hard cover at first, so we’re not sabotaging ourselves by competing on two bestseller lists at the same time. 🙂

  5. I loved Spellbound. Amazing. It has twists and turns that are completely unpredictable. the climax is insanely awesome. Is that the final cover or a rough draft?

  6. Oh also, was this renamed from Dark Ocean, or is that a different book in the Grimnoir chronicles? (from the left side of your blog you have release dates listed for various books).

    1. Dark Ocean is to be the third in the Grimnoir Chronicles. (Larry writes FAST and sometimes gets ahead of himself….)

  7. Larry, you’re killing me. In a good way, but totally killing me. I’ll have to put my reading of Ghost Story on hold *again* to read this. I have no doubt it will be worth it, though.

  8. So how come these are getting released so much earlier than the hard copies? It may seem weird but I personally want to wait for the official releases simply because it gives me something to look forward to reading, most of my other favorite authors are between books right now, you’re just on fire right now Larry!

  9. Curse you, Correia! Just how many books are you gonna make me buy this year? Can you lay off the awesome for a bit?

    But in seriousness, I’m really pumped for this book. Happy it’s available!

  10. Question! Does buying the eArc now count towards your sales for NYT bestseller status when the book is released in hardcover/paperback? Or do those sales not get included? I’d love to see Grimnoir get into the NYT bestseller list. =)

  11. Why is there a blurb about MH Vendetta on the cover of this book? I ask because I was wondering the same thing a couple days ago about the back cover of my copy of MH Alpha, which has a blurb about Vendetta as well.

    “A gun person who likes science fiction- or, heck, anybody who likes science fiction- will enjoy Monster Hunter International, and its new sequel, Monster Hunter Vendetta…”

  12. DAMN IT!!!!
    Larry, you are killing me!!!!
    My wife is very understanding and all. But< she is starting to think you are plotting to take all My book buying funds for yourself. But like a "good gun owning crazy Correia fan" I shall go and buy and read and preach about your outstanding writing skills to My very loving, understanding and patient wife.

    PS. My 15 year old daughter still thinks your are a nice guy, (from the Berkeley book signing) but she still don't understand why her Dad reads about zombies, werewolfs and assault rifles.

  13. Just so you know. I stopped reading A Dance With Dragons to read Dead 6. I’ll be putting it aside again to read this. How’s that for a complement? I hope my lips weren’t that chapped when I kissed your @$$ just now. I’ll try to remember my lip balm next time. Keep Em Coming!

  14. Damn it! Now I can’t wait for Dark Ocean. And you just had to take away (thankfully not kill off) one of my favorite characters too! Damn cliff hangers. 😛

    Good work. Looking forward to the proofed copy too.

  15. My only complaint is the dreadful naming of the Chairman – Okubo and Tokugawa are both family names. I’m assuming that the naming was based on Okubo Toshimichi (and of course the Tokugawa shogunate). The names of the other Imperium characters are better (although I suspect Toru is more of a postwar name.) If you’re looking for real historical characters – Inazo Nitobe (amongst others) would be suitable.
    I enjoyed this book greatly, although I’d hoped that we’d be further along at the end.

    More of this and more Monster Hunter please.

    1. Ah, but you assume that despite all of the history research that I did that I didn’t know that and that the Chairman didn’t have reasons for his name? 🙂

      1. I figured this was a scion of the Tokugawa shogunate ;). Which makes things all the more awesome… just like making JMB a main character.

      2. People don’t use family names as first names. For samurai of the period the names are complex and a samurai might change his name more than once, but it’s illogical to be called Okubo Tokugawa (to a Japanese it sounds like someone called Mr. Hoover Hoover). If you wanted to actually link to the Tokugawa, the correct way would have been to choose a first name that linked to the shogunal house, such as through a gift character – perhaps by the use of the character “ie”, linking back to the first shogun Ieyasu.

        Alternatively a link could be achieved by having the family name Matsudaira or Tokugawa.

  16. So what’s the deal with none of your books being sold in e-book (specifically, Kindle) format? I’ve now switched entirely to reading books via the Kindle app on my iPad, which has saved my back – I used to lug around way too many books in my bag, and now all I have to carry is my tablet computer.

    Is this lack of a Kindle format something you or your publisher has decided? You’re losing a huge amount of potential sales, since Amazon sells more e-books than physical books these days.

    1. If you follow the link in the post above, it will take you to Baen’s webscriptions. You can download all of my books for the Kindle there. There is a disagreement between my publisher and Amazon and they are working it out.

  17. Pet Peeve Notice: Larry, love ya man, BUT — when are you going to teach your cover artists to draw recognizable firearms?

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