23 thoughts on “At DragonCon, there will be hats”

    1. They aren’t supposed to be tactical. They are supposed to be visibile even in a place where there are 5000 people dressed as Princess Leah. 🙂

    1. Perhaps if you linked to the image location rather than the FB page? Because I have FB, but I don’t have permission to view it.

  1. You folks that want “tactical” can order a patch from Larry and put it on whatever hat you want to. Can’t get more tactical than that.

    Larry, you might consider contacting Zippo about doing an MHI Earl lighter. I’d buy one, certainly, and probably a lot of other people would, too.

  2. I would cheerfully murder people in their beds for a black MHI cap. I mean, in case you’ve got anybody you need whacked or anything…

    1. It’s not even on the extended list? There should be a button on DragonCon’s front page for all the authors attending.

  3. Where do we have to be to get one of these hats? Dragon*Con is kinda large and confusing and I don’t wanna miss getting one.

    1. I don’t know yet. I’m on some panels and doing a signing or two. I’ll post my schedule when I know it.

  4. Larry, I am so pleased to have discovered your writing. I thoroughly enjoyed your first two books and will be reading the rest very soon. I have also been delighted to read your blog and bio. I cannot thank you enough for your decision to set MHI in the south and portray the southern people in such a positive light. As a native Georgian, I am constantly dismayed and disappointed at the normal character assassinations performed by many writers of books, movies and television.

    Your political views are inspirational and in close alignment to my own as well. I remain mystified as to how so many of our fellow Americans have managed to let themselves be tricked and conned into believing things that fly in the face of common sense. I share many beliefs with the Tea Party and feel so disappointed when they are relentlessly attacked by politicians and the press for merely asking our leaders to do what is right.

    Perusing the guest list for Dragon Con I was thrilled to find your name. I hope to run into you there.

    Keep witting and we will keep reading.

  5. This is a little off subject and I applogize for it.. has any one ever sat down and worked out a PUFF listing and the pay offs? Several of my friends and my self are looking at a MHI kit bash RP game and was curious if it had ever been brought up in group discussion? I coudnt find anything on it in searching.

    Thanks for the help up front.

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